Guangdong’s rich rich University released in third ranked only second

Guangdong’s rich rich University released: in third this year ranked only second deep black billionaire Yao Zhenhua graduated from the South China University of Technology. November 4th Hurun Research Institute released the "Hurun Alumni Association special report", a total of 66 domestic colleges and universities have at least 2 alumni boarded the Hurun Report this year. This is the Hurun Research Institute released the first of this report. The list of statistics is not the object of the average person, are more than 2 billion personal assets of the super rich alumni. Among them, Zhejiang University ranked first in 38, becoming the most productive of the University of the rich; Peking University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China and Fudan University. South China University of Technology in Guangdong, Zhongshan University and Shenzhen University ranked seventh, fourteenth and eighteenth, respectively. Guangdong local colleges and universities, South China University of Technology, the 12 richest alumni alumni rich list of the top seventh. University of the rich north of the city which is the largest school building rich? 66 at least out of the two richest institutions, the largest in Beijing, there are 13, followed by Shanghai, there are 7, once again, Nanjing and Guangzhou, respectively, there are 5 and. Hu Run said: "the world’s most innovative cities rely on a number of elite, such as Silicon Valley, the. There are several schools that can create entrepreneurs that are important to social development. Interestingly, "off the record" Shenzhen city is apart from Beijing the largest number in our Peregrine list, but only Ma Huateng graduated from Shenzhen Shenzhen University in this list on the list." With these wealthy alumni, alma mater, but a lot of benefits, because one of the things the richest people love to do is to donate to his alma mater, but also very generous! The 2016 Hurun philanthropy list shows that over the past year entrepreneurs in terms of education donation is still the most donations to his alma mater, there are 27 on the list, which donated billions of dollars of the University: Fudan University 800 million Tsinghua University 300 million China Agricultural University 200 million Peking University, Zhongshan University, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics and Shenzhen University respectively 120 million 110 million Shanghai Jiao Tong University Hangzhou 100 million Normal University editor: GDN005相关的主题文章: