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Travel-and-Leisure Gurgaon which falls in the NCR (national capital region) has witnessed rapid development in recent years. In fact, the .mercial developments happening in Gurgaon are highest in .parison to other places. Everyday new businesses and .panies are .ing up here. Apart from .mercial value, the place also attracts people who .e here to spend their weekends or for a short stay. To ac.modate these visitors there are several hotels and guest houses here. However the tariffs in most of the hotels are slightly on the higher side. In case you have plans to stay here for more than a couple of days then it is better to check into a guest house in Gurgaon. Staying in a guest house in gurgaon is the most viable solution because that way you will save quite a lot. Of course you dont have to sacrifice on your .fort. It is true that you cannot expect world class amenities in the guest houses but you will definitely feel at home. The services and facilities are basic but everything is hygienic. You will get a bathroom with hot and cold water facility. Some guest houses also have air conditioned rooms. Regarding food the usual facility is a hearty breakfast and a sumptuous dinner. In some guest houses you will get all the three main meals. If you look around properly you might .e across a guest house in Gurgaon that offers personalized service. This means you will get facilities/amenities at par with any reputed hotel. Moreover you will get a variety of cuisine options. Even the tariffs are quite reasonable. A wonderful way to enjoy Gurgaon as well as your stay is to put up in a guest house. There are a number of reputed guest houses in Gurgaon. These are in fact some of the best that Gurgaon has to offer. Apart from .fortable ac.modation you will get amenities that will definitely make your stay very convenient. Whatever may your purpose of traveling to Gurgaon, when it .es to ac.modation, choose a guest house rather than a hotel. The atmosphere is very friendly and you will find the surroundings clean and hygienic. Of late, the living cost has almost doubled in Gurgaon. Therefore for an average traveler it expensive to stay in a hotel. However, a great option still exists in the form of guesthouses. A majority of people .ing here for various purposes prefer to check into a guest house instead of a hotel. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: