Guilin to Liucheng highway construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2020ratatouille

Guilin Liucheng Expressway built at the end of 2020 is expected to completed nanguojinbao Nanning news (reporter Xu Bing) November 1st, Guilin to Liucheng expressway project environmental impact evaluation of public participation were second publicity, the highway is an important part of Nanning via Liuzhou to Guilin and Guilin channel highway second to Hechi highway, plans to start construction in late 2016. After the completion of the highway by the end of 2020, it will greatly relieve the traffic pressure from Guilin to Nanning. The Guilin to Liucheng expressway is an important component of the "6 horizontal and 7 longitudinal" longitudinal "5" Guilin in Guangxi expressway network planning, through the second channel of Liuzhou to Nanning expressway, and the "2" branch line Guilin to Hechi expressway. The total length of the project is about 94.6 km, and the total investment is estimated to be 11 billion 940 million yuan. It is planned to start construction by the end of 2016. After the completion of the highway by the end of 2020, not only shorten the highway mileage between Guilin and Hechi, form Baise province through Hechi, Guilin to Hunan direction of the provincial highway channel, but also will greatly relieve the Guilin Expressway to Nanning traffic pressure. Reporters in public notice, along the road to set up 34 bridges, including 3 large bridges, culverts 62, double hole tunnel 18, due to the complex terrain along the line, the length of the tunnel and Bridge accounted for more than 45% of the length of the route. A total of 2 service areas, 1 parking areas, 2 maintenance work areas and 5 toll stations are set up on expressways. It is understood that the highway will be built two rivers interoperability and Guilin Liangjiang Airport connection, set up prosperous mouth interchange and provincial road 306 connection, through this interchange and then along the 108 County Road, can lead Yongfu county. The construction of highway interchange and Baishou County Road 137 is connected, can go to the Yongfu County town, county town of Hyakuhisa pumice, a siding exchange with the county road 629 is going into an Si Ding Zhen; a lake interchange and highway 209 is going in Rongan, Rongshui county. From the impact of the environment, the highway has not been through the natural reserve, drinking water source protection zone, Forest Park, scenic spots and other sensitive areas of ecological environment.

桂林至柳城高速公路年底开建 预计2020年建成   南国今报南宁讯(记者 徐冰)11月1日,桂林至柳城高速公路工程环境影响评价公众参与进行第二次公示,该高速路是南宁经柳州到桂林的高速公路第二通道及桂林至河池高速公路的重要组成部分,计划于2016年年底开工建设。这条高速公路2020年底建成后,将大大缓解泉南高速桂林至南宁的交通压力。   桂林至柳城高速公路是广西高速公路路网规划中“6横7纵”中的“纵5”桂林经柳州至南宁高速公路第二通道,及“横2”支线桂林至河池高速公路的重要组成部分。项目全长约94.6公里,投资总额预计为119.40亿元,计划于2016年底开工建设。这条高速公路2020年底建成后,不仅缩短了桂林和河池之间的高速公路里程,形成百色经河池、桂林至湖南方向的高速公路出省通道,还将大大缓解泉南高速桂林至南宁的交通压力。   记者在公示上看到,公路沿线拟设置桥梁34座,其中特大桥3座,涵洞62道,双洞隧道18座,由于沿线地形复杂,隧道和桥梁占路线长度比例超过了45%。高速公路共设置服务区2处,停车区1处,养护工区2处,收费站5处。   据了解,这条高速公路将建设两江互通与桂林两江机场相连接,设兴隆口互通与省道306相接,经此互通再沿108县道,可以通往永福县城。高速公路将建设百寿互通与县道137相接,可以去往永福县百寿镇、融安县浮石镇,设泗顶互通与县道629相接,可去往融安县泗顶镇;设湖洞互通与国道209相接,可去往融安、融水县城。从对环境方面的影响来看,高速公路没有经过自然保护区、饮用水源保护区、森林公园、风景名胜区等生态环境敏感区。相关的主题文章: