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The various customs of Halloween with English say: BBC English Halloween Halloween customs in late October, most parts of the country have cool. Walking down the street, you can see a lot of shop windows full of orange decorations, which means that the British are ready to celebrate the annual halloween. The special nature of the festival is whether young people or children can be immersed in the atmosphere of joy and excitement. What are the traditional celebrations of Halloween? The shops are in mid October decorated halloween themed window decoration Jack-O-Lantern Jack-o ‘-lantern people Jack-O-Lantern carved into the door as Families in Britain buy pumpkins holiday decorations in stores and supermarkets every Halloween to carve Jack-o -lanterns. The pumpkins are transformed "into spooky (strange and terrible) faces and are lit up by candles placed inside. The origin of this practice has many versions (custom), most of which revolve around a man called’ Stingy Jack ‘who roams the earth aimlessly (carrying a pumpkin lantern aimlessly) because of his ill nature. every Halloween, British households will buy from the store or supermarket pumpkin moment to light. These will be turned into a pumpkin carved picture of the ghostly face, empty pumpkins can be put inside the candles, and become "Jack-O-Lantern". There are many versions of the origin of the custom engraved Jack-O-Lantern, but most of them and called a "stingy Jack" person, personality quirks he always wandered to a pumpkin and etc.. Bite the apple Apple bobbing in the game, contestants can not touch the apple by hand, can only use teeth to bite the apple Have you read Agatha Christie detective novel Hallowe ‘s’ en Party If so, you might? Know this popular Halloween activity called’ apple bobbing ‘. In the game, competitors Ca?相关的主题文章: