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Arts-and-Entertainment Hannah Montana fans will enjoy a fun filled Hannah Montana party. Create a fun atmosphere with Hannah Montana party games party guests will have an incredibly enjoyable time playing. Hannah Montana Trivia: This trivia game is a great way of testing your Hannah Montana knowledge against your friends. Ask party guests easy to difficult questions about Hannah. Award points to guests for correct answers. The party guest who has the most points after all the questions have been asked is declared the Hannah Montana Trivia champion and earns a party favor. Hannah Montana Karaoke Sing-Off. A Karaoke Hannah Montana sing-off will encourage party guests to get up and in front of the party and sing to the best of their abilities.Who will put on the best performance and blow the party guests away? Find out by renting a karaoke machine filled with Hannah Montana songs to keep the party jumping all party long. Hannah Montana Balloon Game: Blow up about twenty four to thirty six balloons with helium and have them scattered around the party area. Before the balloons are inflated, place puzzle pieces in each of the balloons.The object of the game is to grab the balloons, pop the balloons, and find the puzzle pieces. On go, each child must grab a balloon by the string and find the puzzle pieces. Duplicate the puzzle pieces so if one piece is found, another is hidden in another balloon. Puzzle pieces can be small pieces of paper with an Hannah image. The winner is the first person to complete the puzzle by popping the balloons and collecting the pieces. The puzzle pieces can be as little as three or as many as six to seven depending on how many balloons are used. Pass the Glitter. Pass The Glitter is played by placing a small mound of glitter on an index card or piece of thick paper. Spilt the party guests in two teams and have them stand in a single file line. Both teams are given one piece of paper with the glitter on it. The object of the game is to pass the sheet of paper with glitter to the next person as fast as possible without spilling it. The glitter is to be placed in a container once the last player in lines gets it. The first team to fill the container to the desired level is the winner. If the glitter is dropped, the sheet is given to the party host and they must place another scoop of glitter on the paper. Having a Hannah Montana theme party with Hannah Montana Party Supplies and Invitations is a great way to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: