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Nutrition Question: What do Robinson Crusoe, Gilligan’s Island and the rhyme of the ancient Mariner all have in common? Answer: They are all surrounded by water–yet they have little or none to drink! As the ancient Mariner quips, "Water, water every where, and nary a drop to drink! Water, water every where and how the boards did creak!" Our planet is running out of water. Clean, pure, refreshing water. Life giving, invigorating, and healing water. Water is the essence of life; without it we die. Our planet is virtually surrounded by water, yet all but a fraction of it is drinkable. It’s either salt water or polluted water. Just as the ancient Mariner bemoaned this fact, we are also surrounded by water–yet we are not able to drink of it either! Ironic, isn’t it? Our nations lakes, rivers and estuaries are dying. More than a third of all waterways are reported to be unsuitable for fishing or swimming due to the large amounts of toxins within them. These contaminants include, bacteria, sewage, fertilizer, heavy metals, oil, grease, and even toxic waste! Furthermore, the contaminates are not limited to ground water. They are actually leeching down into the underground aquifers, wells, and springs! Our newspapers and magazines are all filled with articles and reports describing strange, mysterious illnesses which are hitting communities with contaminated water systems. The global danger to our water supply, is perhaps, the single greatest threat of all! Our world is literally standing on the precipice of extinction due to our disappearing water supply. So much of our planet’s systems are co-dependent upon other systems for their survival. This interdependence goes from microbes and the mosquitos, to the elephant and the humans. If only a few system break down within this chain, it can breed disaster for all animals and humans alike! Can this looming water shortage be reversed? Not with "the business as usual" attitude of our leaders. It will not happen short of a revolution. Not a revolution with guns, knives, clubs, or stones. But a revolution of personal accountability. A change in how we think about life. Instead of waiting for the government to do it for us (which they won’t), we need to do it–one person at a time. We the people are the government. Let’s "revolt" from our old ways of thinking, and stand up and be counted–by doing something to help fix this huge problem! What can each of us personally do? Well, of course we can conserve. This is important. Is it really all that necessary to wash our car, or water our lawn as often as we do? There are other things as well. They are limited only by our imagination and drive. However, one essential step is necessary. This is absolutely mandatory if we expect to survive this attack on our health coming from the polluted water we drink on a daily basis. We must be able to filter and purify all the water which we ingest. This is a "no brainer"! So, let’s join the revolution. Let’s "rock the boat". What if the ancient Mariner had a reverse-osmosis water purification device attached to his life-boat? Let’s quit blindly floating on our raft of indifference, in the sea of turbulence threatening to swamp us! Let’s take up our paddles of choice and chart our way to calmer seas. To the fresh water tributaries which only we can find–by choosing to be a survivor instead of a victim! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: