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"Hey baby" Guizhou TV broadcasting live the topic of children living in Sohu   entertainment; "Hey kid" Guizhou TV broadcasting Sohu entertainment news show the topic of children’s new urban emotional drama "Hey, kids" from November 21st, 19:30 night landing in Guizhou TV Golden theater hit, the play directed by Yazhou Yang, a collection of Jiang Wenli Li Xiaoran, Guo Xiaodong, Liu Tianzuo, Qi Xi, Han Qing power guest star, starring idol Zheng Kai special, extraordinary quality. The show focus on the urban life of small couples, three families in each have their own story, but also around the main line of "child", skillfully will live and work together, and the blend of everyday almost all conflicts and emotions of music. Jiang Wenli Guo Xiaodong Jiang Wenli played hard in her interpretation of Fang daughter party rhyme in the play, in order to make the marriage out of the sorrow of losing a child, in order to meet the old father want grandchildren to middle-aged people to borrow the egg she thought of children, not only attracted a roar and slap divorce her husband Jiang Wenli, saying "our marriage is cold violence, as the middle-aged couple marriage embarrassment. In the two marriage suspected because children’s problems encountered a bottleneck, the way out to kill little meat Zheng Kai (played by Jiangnan) makes the characters become more perplexing. Is the 17 year old Jiang Wenli Zheng Kai two acting hurricane, the scenes of passion play role is very natural, make friends shouted at. Li Xiaoran Liu Tianzuo straightforward interpretation of "strong women and weak men" as Li Xiaoran Fang two daughter Jia Yuanyuan in the play, Liu Tianzuo played a partner of "strong women and weak men" couples. In the whole family are eager for a child, Jia Yuanyuan pregnant with the baby, is in the golden age of career, the cause of great importance to her, she also fell into the contradiction between life and not born. Li Xiaoran has said that Jia Yuanyuan is a "true" role, more close to the modern occupation of women’s life, she faced the competition, work pressure and mortgage elderly family birth and other issues, are living in a lot of people will face problems. She said, "I’m not going to give up my career for anyone or anything." It is the voice of a lot of people. Qi Xi Han Qing "young love" offbeat collocation adorable sense of drama, Qi Xi partner Han Qing played a pair of energy-saving solutions, totally different character, face the problem of way of thinking, have their own daily, along also often happen some grotesque. The two plays the children and young people with adorable and cute, very good laugh. The three daughter direction of Qi Xi plays the distinctive character of publicity, and before the image of the screen has a disruptive change, the goddess became "neurotic" hidden marriage DINK family, at home by the unruly fresh and trendy style; the most surprising is Han Qing, he’s a little sissy role lost, before the Beijing guy shadow. The age of identity of different positions, creating a different view of birth, will set off a hot topic nowadays the most down to earth. Urban emotional drama "Hey, kid", Guizhou tv.相关的主题文章: