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Personal-Finance Consumer products have be.e an integral part of people"s lives today. However, marketing and advertising campaigns flash their claims about various products, across the television every minute. In today"s fiercely .petitive world, the marketing and promotional strategies are aggressive. This often makes the credibility of a product or service questionable. Falling prey to various advertising and marketing scams these days is not un.mon. Therefore, it is utmost essential to be a smart and aware consumer. Looking through schemes and deals can be tough. However, if done with the right steps, you too can be.e a smart consumer and buy authentic products and services. Here are some tips to help you be.e a smarter consumer. Be well informed yourself As a smart consumer, you must always be well informed and conduct your own research. When you are out for shopping, there is really not much time to research about the product which you intend to buy. Therefore, conduct your own research. Find out which are the other .panies that are selling the same product. See if there are any price differences. Analyze and rationalize the claims Consumer manufacturing .panies have a goal in mind. And that is to generate the maximum sale. Therefore, it your job to probe more into the claims which are being presented to you. Scrutinize everything which is being claimed regarding the quality, performance as well as the price of the product. Do not take anything on face value. Read in between the lines While making your purchase, always make sure that you have read the fine print carefully. There are certain terms and conditions which are part of the deal as well. For instance-If a deal sounds too good to be true like getting 50% discount, check again. In reality, it might mean that the total price is so high that after discount, the price still mints money for the .pany. Insist on documentation Never buy any product which does not give enough documentation. The user manual, any instructional book or payment receipt, all must be provided by the seller. If any .pany refuses to share documents with you, it is a signal to be.e skeptical. Maintain Your Privacy It is absolutely crucial for you to guard your private information. Very often, false schemes are mailed to consumers that are quite enticing. Well, that is only a bait to catch customers and milk money out of them. Such offers are outright scams so never respond to them. Also, never make the mistake of sharing your account number, pin code or password on the internet. Ask about return/exchange offers Consumers must always inquire if the product .es with a "money back" or "exchange offer". Check the warranty period before buying, in order to ensure hassle free maintenance. In case the product does not function as promised, you must have an option to exchange the same. You can also be a smart consumer by allocating your finances sensibly on different purchases. In case you are buying an expensive product, consider taking a consumer durable loan. This will help you to keep your finances .anized and stable. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: