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Business I’m going to show you how to get good audio on your .puter. Right click on the corner and click on Recording Devices. You can see different options. I’m going to click on lapel mike. In here you see the different levels.. First you have to understand that you can listen directly to your microphone by clicking on listen to this device. Then click apply. It’s way loud in my ear so I’m going to turn it way down, in fact I’m going to turn it down until the fuzz stops. Almost got the fuzz out…Okay, now that’s sounding a lot better. You don’t want to pick up ambient sounds, or echos, or .puter fans. So once you have the sound adjusted correctly, you’re pretty much good to go. If you’re going to record a video, one thing you can do is download a free video maker called Audacity. While you’re recording you can see the wave forms. Choose lapel mike and you can see it in the corner while recording. So you see that now when I’m silent, it flat lines. If we had it turned up too high, it would be doing something like this. See how it’s not flat lining there? So we’re going to turn it back down. We want it to be flat lining. We still want to get pretty high waves again. See how it hits the top and flattens out there? That means we’re getting distortion. So we want to turn it back down to where it just flatlines. And then you can know what the quality of your audio is going to be and you can adjust that sound input as needed. If you want really good sound, you can get something like an H1 or a Zoom H2, you can record the audio separately, give a good clap and allows you to sync that little spike with your current video so that you can get good, high quality audio. These are ways you can monitor your sound while you’re making a video.The audio quality will make your video a lot more professional. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: