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Dental-Care A beautiful smile is something we all desire regardless of our races or creed; background or age. Turn you TV or pick up a magazine at the store, you will see all these celebrities putting up their best smiles, flashing their white teeth in front of the camera and front pages of the magazine. A healthy teeth is what many people will die for and yet, it is what most people never thought they could have. Having healthy and white teeth will not only make you proud to open your mouth in the public, it will also add to your swag, just like it adds to the allure of the celebrities. You can enjoy a proud smile too by learning how to whiten teeth at home. Before now, the only way to get white teeth is to visit a dentist and pay something in the range of $300 or $400 per session. There are a range of chemicals that will be unleashed upon your stained teeth to get off the teeth. You will need a couple of sessions to eventually get your teeth white. Although this is one of the fastest way to get a white teeth, it is however not the only way. As a matter of fact, there are cool products in the market today that can show you how to whiten your teeth at home . I once had a cousin with bad teeth. The lower part of her teeth was all stained. She had tried several forms of toothpastes and brushes but there was no result. She also could not afford the bill of a local dentist and so she stayed that way for a while. Whenever she is at school, she usually finds it hard to open up her mouth because she is afraid of being laughed at. That was her case for years until she stumbled on an article that read how to whiten teeth at home. I am going to share with you what she did to get the stains of her teeth. Today, she now has white teeth and can open her mouth anywhere to flash a beautiful alluring smile. * Custom-made teeth whitening Kit – She got a custom made teeth whitening kit from the local drugstore which allowed her to make a mold of her teeth. After this, she shipped the mold back to the manufacturer. A tray that fitted perfectly to her teeth was sent to her in a couple of weeks together with a supply of oxidizing whitening solution which is to be placed inside the plastic tray. She only used it about five times before her whole teeth became white. You too can purchase a customer made About the Author: 相关的主题文章: