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Writing The previous novel from Milan Kundera, Ignorance, is set in Prague and the story revolves around a widow Irena (in her forties) and a widower Josef (ten to fifteen years older) who come back to their native Bohemia. In an earlier book, Milan Kundera explains why he doesnt call Czechoslovakia by its name. He says the word Czechoslovakia is very young, and that it has no roots in time. Just like Milan Kundera himself, the principal characters of the book Ignorance – Irena and Josef – also emigrate from Czechoslovakia after the invasion of their motherland by Russia. Read on to know more about Milan Kunderas earlier work Ignorance as you brace yourself to read his next title Encounter. Settled Life Becomes Unsettled Irena went to Paris with her husband whereas Josef settled in Denmark and started his practice as a vet. Josefs wife has just died, and he was missing her a lot. Irenas husband died long back and she found her life was quite a struggle raising her two daughters. She got married early, only to stay away from her mother. She was grateful to Martin which soon became love between the two. She prided herself on her ability to be grateful, and if the gratitude was there, love could not stay behind for long. Is Gratitude a Weakness? Irena now lived with Gustaf, and both of them used to shuttle between Prague and Paris where Gustafs company had its offices. They also shared a flat owned by Irenas mother in Prague. She was devoted to both Martin and Gustaf, as long as she lived with them, though the author Milan Kundera questions her devotion, calling it a weakness, or dependence. Piercing Regret for Irena Irena was waiting for a flight at the Paris airport, when she caught a glimpse of Josef. She saw him once earlier also, she was very young at that time. They met in a Prague bar, Josef wanted to accompany her to home, but she refused because she was engaged to Martin at that time. Soon she felt piercing regret which never left her after that night. Josef, however, didnt remember that meeting not even when they slept together in Prague after a long gap. He was more concerned about the flight he had to take to Denmark. She Experienced A Never Before Ecstasy They met in the hotel lobby where Josef was staying, and they were in their room and in bed soon. The ecstasy she felt with him was something she never thought existed, and Josef was also equally turned on, especially because of her obscene language he liked to be surprised by her. Josef keeps an eye on the watch even as they are in bed together. Deep within his soul, Josef wanted this erotic session to be last with her. The novel ends on an unexpectedly sentimental note. About the Author: The author Prasoon Kumar works for .www.uRead.com which is the leading online bookstore that offers all the current and all time great titles at never before prices. Fall in love with the prolific intellect of Milan Kundera. Grab your copy of his latest book, Encounter, at huge discount only at ..uread../book/encounter-milan-kundera/9780571250899 Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: