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In 10 older hair bestie cut to cut hair core tip before children: why many pregnant mothers will cut the hair at birth, because long hair with children is not easy, so early to prepare. With the child’s mother really can not stay long hair do? Experts advise: children eat more, eat well, it must grow taller? The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University told you that the answer is no.. If the children eat too much of the three kinds of food, not only, but also hurt! Bestie pregnant for 8 months, last week took her to cut hair to stay for 10 years, is very reluctant. Although reluctant, but because many people say "come to have long hair with children not convenient, so only reluctantly cut. With the child’s mother really can not stay long hair do? What are the adverse effects of long hair with a mother? Most mothers with children in the side will cut their hair so long hair in the end of the children have been affected? 1 easy to breed bacteria and some mother will take care of the baby because of busy and lack of shampoo, especially in the confinement period, some mothers are not even the whole month of shampoo, postpartum and easy to sweat, easy to breed bacteria. But compared with long hair and short hair, more difficult to take care of, but not easy to dry after washing, so it will lead to the failure to clean my mother. 2 the effect of feeding the hair mother in the nursing baby, hair easy to fall down, cover the baby face, sometimes even touched the baby’s eyes and mouth, affect the baby, if the baby do not care to eat hair, not health. 3 may be dangerous to the baby’s mother’s hair is easy to stab the baby’s eyes, damage the cornea. In addition, long hair is also easy to wrapped around the baby’s neck or fingers, easy to bring danger, such as 2014 once the baby is her long hair wrapped neck caused by suffocation is reported, but these are just the cases, mothers do not have too much panic. Long hair mother with children to pay attention to 3 issues although we recommend that mothers with children is best not to stay long hair, but some mothers work because of various reasons such as beauty, adhere to long hair, long hair in the mother with children should pay attention to the following questions. 1 nursing baby up her hair that long hair mother put her hair up in the nursing care of the baby, the best hair net together with a net. Their hair up, baby can not play, when feeding the hair will fall in the baby face or mouth, safety and health. 2 pay attention to the hair clean baby sometimes take her mother’s hair to play, and even into the mouth, if the mother’s hair is not clean, it will affect the baby’s health. 3 don’t let the baby play hair when the child with a mother’s hair to stop him, because playing with hair health, hair easy to stick to your baby’s eyes hurt cornea, also may accidentally catch himself and hurt.相关的主题文章: