Independent after-sales service quality German VAILLANT to show a century brand charm – China

Independent customer service quality service of Germany’s VAILLANT show hundred years brand charm – Beijing, Beijing, September 27, with the arrival of eleven golden week, most parts of the country fall is getting stronger. Many families have a rainy day, while holiday began to maintenance and overhaul of the boiler on the agenda. A few months after the heating season will be a final exam for the heating industry customer service level of service". For the leader, the heating industry — Germany VAILLANT, customer service service is an important part of a comfortable life quality guaranteed, "this is a piece of a gilded signboard hundred years brand". Self service, quality service VAILLANT in the field of after-sales service fully revealed the charm of a global leading brand. In fact, VAILLANT is the first in the industry to provide independent customer service service brand, in order to guarantee every VAILLANT users can get professional technical support and service, VAILLANT has been in every city, will establish the corresponding customer service service center, will be warm and comfortable to every local families. In addition, VAILLANT has also established a 360 degree service guarantee for the service team to set up a working goal, that is, strive to achieve 10 seconds access to online troubleshooting, the 1 repair rate to achieve high standards. Customer service service "three carriages" in the industry, VAILLANT’s customer service service has always been to "three carriages" is known, the "three carriages" are the customer service center, expert service team and spare parts center. VAILLANT’s customer service center services across the country, through the toll free hotline number 400-700-1890 to provide consumers with 7 days of 24 hours of service. Typically, when the consumer through the call center to maintain demand, the call center will be sent within 24 hours technician on-site service. Call center will visit each user, the technician’s dress, fees, service attitude, quality of service, etc.. It is worth mentioning that, VAILLANT’s after-sales service department also has a special inspector positions, each inspector should have more than 3 years of experience in maintenance services, service details to be very understanding. They will look at the entire service process to see whether the maintenance technician to arrive on time, in the service process is polite language, service rules are not standardized, the charges are carried out according to standards. After-sales service is an important part of the expert service team, VAILLANT’s after-sales service team covering the whole country, in the headquarters of the overall deployment, rapid response, the nearest service. VAILLANT after-sales service for 24 hours and a repair rate will be an assessment. The so-called a repair rate, namely the maintenance after 45 days without repair occurs. In order to ensure a repair in place, VAILLANT technicians are equipped with a professional repair car, the car is not only equipped with spare parts, but also spare. In terms of spare parts, due to the majority of VAILLANT’s products in Germany, many parts involved in aftermarket are imported from abroad. To this end, VAILLANT’s after-sales service center set up a fitting center as a maintenance service sector. Accessories center set up a set of rapid logistics channels from the headquarters of the spare parts warehouse radiation branch service center. The system is based on previous years.相关的主题文章: