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Injection filling beauty, you should know the details! Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! (source: the famous plastic surgeon Ma Meisheng micro-blog) to delay aging, how to make the skin keep the young state, both at home and abroad are now basically in the promotion of minimally invasive therapy is non operative treatment, after years of experience, more suggestions to change the filling mode, physicians and consumers are more recognized, injection fill the market in China is more and more widely. Images from the network, eye and face aging, an overview of the overall 1, below the orbital region is what we usually say that the apple muscle, a line next to the corner of the eye is a tear ditch. Some people are born, not only leads to aging, some through surgery also did not improve, the effect is not good for injection; 2, relatively the apple muscle injection difficulty is not too big, is mainly the lacrimal groove when the orbital injection, for us to be very cautious to treat. Choose a different product types according to the specific site before injection, to avoid negative effects; 3, women aging in three eight, a tear ditch, a nasolabial groove, there is a mouth mouth lines. Two, about the injection of anesthesia before injection before doctors usually used some table linen, actually can also use some of lidocaine anesthesia, because in the play side side to shape, so there may be pain, so it can be in the appropriate position of the needle to a point. Three, a wide range of product selection of dosage form filling dosage form, basically divided into hyaluronic acid, collagen, autologous fat, autologous fat cell viability, we can according to the actual situation of different parts of different models, which is very important. Four, about the injection volume and absorption of 1, we don’t play too much time, will cause some negative effects, More haste, less speed., play more completely is a commercial activity, but also with the customer that any filler which is to be absorbed, different forms of aging is not the same as; the material is absorbed in 2, generally second days, because there is water (sodium chloride), so the absorption of water, no matter what injection of filler, second days will absorb some of the moisture. Some customers do not understand, after spending so much money to the injection, feel a week just a part of the injection on the absorption, absorption of this problem must be clear and customer; 3, three weeks after the first injection will be in effect on the stable down, that is to say in the first time after the injection. If there are irregularities, such as the phenomenon of three weeks, you can carry out a supplementary injection, or do a little more refined supplement. Five, a bruising problem 1, we try to put into the injection needle area master, it is best not too much needle, because there are a lot of small capillary lacrimal sulcus, once encountered there will be bruising, if there generally need 5-10 days to subside, but a small vessel must be found avoid, organizations like the very thin parts, almost.相关的主题文章: