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Mobil-.puting Sport is a highly integrated part of our life. People like to play, watch the games and keep themselves informed about the games. In due course they take many initiatives and mobile is one of the devices, which keep them informed about the latest development in sports. iPhone app developers have created many useful apps in sports and some of them have been discussed here. Soccer Touch FIFA is just like a festival for soccer lovers. On this occasion Soccer Touch keeps you updated with the latest information regarding to 2010 FIFA world cup. You will have knowledge about the nations that take part in world cup. You will have .plete knowledge about schedules, Venues, squad list, etc. This iPhone app development has following features: "Matches- Get details about groups, knockout stage and refer to Calendar "Groups- Access information about all teams from A to H groups. "Teams- 32 teams, know better about anyone, just select it "Venue- Host nation is South Africa; know the city, venue and stadium of beautiful South Africa. "News- Know the latest world cup news. "Match stats- Keep track and .pare match fixture and standing. "Game- Play penalty shootout game and warm you. Live Cricket Free Live cricket free delivers live score for cricket, match details, .mentary and cricket news to your iPhone. Cricket live score iPhone app development covers live scores from all over the world .petitions like Asia cup, Australia, UK, ICC Champions trophy, India, International games, International T20 series, Pakistan, South Africa, and all world cup matches. Live cricket features .plete match details like inning details, scores, batsman statistics, bowler statistics, team line ups, etc. Live cricket features live .mentary coverage feed for games including wickets, .mentary along with points and more information. You can add games in your favorite list and can browse only interested games in separated screen. You can browse and read latest news from cricket world. All About Billiards This iPhone app development is about a great game called Billiards. It offers nearly 70 Billiards games and all games have their own rules that given before the game start. You might not be familiar with most of the game and can enjoy its thrill. This iPhone app has following features: oVery easy to use glossary based interface oPowerful search engine that can be used quickly and effortlessly find what you are looking for oUnique interface make browsing this app a breeze oDirect email access through app oYou can give your feed back directly through app ESPN Score With this iPhone app development you will have personalized score board for every game ESPN covers. You will have live game details like plays, in game stats, box-scores, scoring summaries, standing, etc. It will cover football, cricket, rugby union, formula 1, golf, tennis, NBA basketball, MLB baseball, NFL football, NHL ice-hockey, Olympics, etc. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: