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Business JK Lakshmi Cement Raipur: JK Lakshmi Cement today said that the damage done in the instance of arson and violence last Thursday evening was a major one and that it would take some time to assess the exact extent of the loss. Addressing media here, Dr. Shailendra Chouksey, Whole Time Director, JK Lakshmi Cement said, "The damage done in the act of arson is being assessed and the exact figure could be ascertained after identifying and testing the various equipment and machinery which were subjected to extreme temperatures when strategic locations in the factory were set ablaze by rioting mob from a neighbouring village." The under constructions site of the cement major which is setting up 2.7 MT capacity Greenfield plant here with an investment of over Rs.1500 crores, was attacked last week and set ablaze by local villagers. The top management of the cement major which has been camping in the area reiterated their .mitment to restore normalcy in the shortest possible time with the help of the local Administration and the State Government in the best interest of the stake holders. The villagers involved in the last week incident have been seeking permanent jobs in the Green-field cement factory which is presently under construction. They have been leading protests and agitations for almost two months now despite assurance of skilled-based jobs to able individuals of the village. However, the local villagers of Malpuri Khurd have been agitating for some time seeking permanent jobs at proposed plant irrespective of them having requisite suitable qualification or having requisite experience. The question of permanent job would arise only when the factory is ready for .missioning and would also depend on the eligibility and needed-skill set of the required workforce, said an official spokesperson. They have been agitating since mid-February and had even gone to the extent of capturing a significant portion of the plant area. "We were trying to convince them through dialogue as JK Organisation, which always works with the local around a site, did not want any use of force or antagonise the local villagers, but we probably failed to gauge the extent they can go to," said Dr. Chouksey. The villagers damaged the plant property and even set on fire some earth moving equipment, concrete mixers, tractors, lifts, cranes, bull-dozers and many vehicles, including a police Van along with vehicles of the contractors and workers. Also the project office was set ablaze which destroyed vital servers, documents and data. Presently with the help of the local administration, we have brought the situation under control, said DK Mehta, heading the project here. The damage done on 4th April 2013 act is being ascertained and it would easily take about a week to determine the exact loss. "The damage on the evening of April 4 could have been much more serious leading to even loss of precious human lives but for the bravery exhibited by the .panies local officials, security wing and the workers who were present in the plant along with the support of the brave police and other senior district officials," Dr. Chouksey ascertained. Answering to queries, Dr. Chouksey also reiterated that this incident has no link whatsoever to an earlier incidence of an accident at the construction site where three workers of the contractor were seriously injured. These workers were not from Malpuri Khurd, who were holding the agitation. In fact these agitating villagers even delayed the rescue operation and hospitalisation of the injured which eventually led to the unfortunate death of one of the workers. It is especially painful for the .pany which is known and widely acclaimed for its concern for the human capital and known for its deep .mitment to the social development in the areas wherever it operates, said Dr. Chouksey. The .pany even had already begun its CSR initiatives in including training and development. It is unfortunate that JK Lakshmis plant of setting up 2.7 MT capacity Greenfield plant with an investment of over Rs.1500 crores, which can bring in its wake all round development to the backward villages and towns and prosperity to its inhabitants, has received a serious setback. For further information, please contact: Amit Mukherjee 9871042118 [email protected] Atul Malikram 09827092823 [email protected] 相关的主题文章: