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Jung Yun Ho in tears sister wedding Changmin to help close her eyes and began to cry before — Kwangju Meikong Jung Yun Ho! Jung Yun Ho had a sister, who must have known it, Jung Yun Ho’s sister, Zheng Zhihui, who had been known for her superior beauty. Usually the siblings daily so here is not very good? Just like his brother, Zheng Zhihui also has a pair of big legs down in Jung Yun Ho after the army, Zheng Zhihui and his men ticket to receive a certificate, pictures from the preceding days also upload their husband and the. At that time in the day to you brother, Na loo, if Jung Yun Ho saw his sister married, it is good to cry a precipice! Today, Zheng Zhihui held a wedding in Seoul, where Jung Yun Ho, the, and the Chinese were present at the wedding ceremony on. Shen Changmin and Choi Siwon belong to the two group of people! At Zheng Zhihui’s wedding, Jung Yun Ho’s graceful bearing whoever looking for his photo, he said so easy! In the wedding speech: Hong Kong’s sister Jung Yun Ho said, every word is very exciting! As the brother of Zheng Zhihui, standing here was really a bit nervous here because of being artists, so the middle school time away from home, can’t take care of my sister but also some sorry. I hope my brother-in-law can become a tree, let my sister happy. Finally sent to all the blessings. So, ah, although the fans have always been in front of Jung Yun Ho to call his brother, but in the end he will only be in the wedding of Zheng Zhihui to the identity of his brother speech! At the moment I pain and happy. In the hope that wisdom can always be happy! Well, you might feel a little can’t sleep Kwangju Meikong Jung Yun Ho tonight, thanks to Mr. Shen Changmin at the moment over his eyes in Seoul Meikong! Is there anything you want to say? Should be the above requirements, opened a micro-blog to do interactive, what you want to say you can find me complain! Come on and play! Read the text in my micro-blog homepage @_ brother _) (commissioning editor: Pomelo Taiwanese Meatballs)相关的主题文章: