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Korean cold case: South Korea only after Chinese offend, the choice of Northeast Asia situation: by encroaching "Han limit order" and the Korea Japan military agreements can be derived for what? Located in Northeast Asia, Japan and South Korea are too close together, everything will affect the three party. For example, you have said recently, I said no, "Han ling". In November 21st China foreign ministry’s regular press conference, spokesman Geng Shuang was asked to confirm "about Chinese government requirements of the various TV stations not broadcast by the South Korean star endorsement advertising" and "Han limit order", and asked whether the Chinese move about "Sade"? Geng Shuang responded: first of all, I have not heard of the so-called "limit to South korea". Second, China has maintained a positive attitude towards cultural exchanges between China and South korea. But I believe we can understand that the cultural exchanges between the two countries is the need for public opinion. Third, China is firmly opposed to the United States to deploy a German system in Korea, this position is also well-known. Chinese people have expressed dissatisfaction with this, I believe that the parties should be aware of this sentiment. Geng Shuang response can be understood as the official Chinese no such decree, but if there is a similar "Han limit order" of the facts, from a moral system China people to express their dissatisfaction to the deployment of South korea. If the continuous look in recent months, the central party newspaper times and other media reports and comments, and then open the mobile phone to see some political and military media, the article, I am afraid that any readers or users can clearly know that the surging Chinese official meaning, what is the attitude of the South Korean public opinion now. South Korea, "Asian daily" in November 22nd, the article said, has banned Hallyu Star TV, advertising, the debut film "the Han Ling" seems to be popular in Chinese. Since July this year the South Korean government decided to introduce a system of Germany, has been the first limit to Han, Han Jin Yubin and Suzy fans, originally planned to be held in Beijing suddenly canceled. Local reports said, this time in Japan and South Korea signed military intelligence protection agreement as an opportunity to Chinese Korean authorities will fully cut off. Perhaps the Korean media speculation is not true, but it does show that the South Korean mentality on the matter and therefore the reality of choice. What choice? The South Korean government vote by the Korea Japan Military "agreement" according to Yonhap reported that South Korea’s economic state government meeting Deputy Prime Minister Liu Yihao chaired the November 22nd vote by the agreement between South Korea and Japan "military intelligence protection". After the approval of South Korean President Park Geun hye, both South Korea and Japan signed the agreement will be 23. South Korean Defense Minister Han people and the Japanese ambassador to South Korea Changling anzheng will sign the agreement on behalf of the two. After that, the parties shall notify each other in writing of the domestic legal procedures necessary for the completion of the agreement. According to reports, the South Korean military intelligence protection agreement is designed to promote military secrets between countries, involving the provision of information to prevent leakage. After the signing of the agreement between Japan and South Korea, the United States can not directly share information on nuclear guidance. Four years ago, the former president of South Korea, Lee Myung-bak, South Korea and Japan had to promote the signing of the agreement in 2012, but was strongly opposed by domestic public opinion, and ultimately failed to sign the agreement. As an alternative or compromise, in December 2014, the United States and Japan signed the three party.相关的主题文章: