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Korean media focus in Seoul, many people Chinese fans went to South Korea in the smoking ban smoking stadium for the national football fans cheer sina sports news in Chinese media, you can see the September 1st World Cup qualifying match ended, China fans in the stands to clean up the garbage, caused by the positive energy reported South Korean security surprised; but see in the South Korean media is more than the negative energy news Chinese fans smoke in no smoking in the Seoul World Cup Stadium bleachers. The world is complex, not Overgeneralization. But as a social morality, the court has Chinese smoking, but there are still people who have their bad habits to go abroad, can not be said to be a pity. South Korea’s "Korean Daily" in September 2nd to focus on the national team to Seoul for the Chinese cheering fans China. The article said — "I am Guan Yu, I want to be invincible general Tifei korea." On the night of 1 World Cup Stadium, Beijing opera fans dressed as Guan Yu Wang shouted. He said that after five hurdles six Guan Yu had to hope, and Chinese can break like South Korea and Guan yu. From the beginning of the game, he was trying to cheer Chinese. The 1 and the third floor of the south side of the world cup are covered with yellow and red Chinese fans, who are reminiscent of the Five Starred Red flag. It seems that it is not Seoul, but China’s stadium. Chinese fans are sitting in a different area, a fan from Hubei said: "we will try our best to beat South korea." But perhaps it is because of the local dialect, their cheering are scattered, only to wait until the Korean fans cheer sounded, they will shout together "Chinese win!" Korea Football Association figures, Chinese to about 10000 fans, in addition to an expedition to the bleachers, other places have Chinese fans, this is held in South Korea sports fans, other countries mobilized most of the time, I like sitting in the middle Chinese cheer group, Chinese fans it was observed in the game. China the expedition had to stand cheer, their banner is straightforward and explicit. When the Korean players shot, the audience shouted "South Korea will disappear" such shouts and booed. , a 35 year old Chinese company employee who was sitting next to me, said to his daughter, "if you get the ball in the first place, just shout it out on the line," said Wang Min." However, South Korea continued to score, China’s stand gradually quiet down. When South Korea’s 3 to 0 lead, many Chinese fans began to smoke, they spit out the smoke. Of course, the Seoul World Cup Stadium is non-smoking. A fan holding the head sitting in a chair, said: "I am so out just to see this?" China fans coming to South Korea to watch the game really is not easy, Chinese abroad very strict conditions, 1 months ago to apply for a visa, travel through the purchase of tickets is more expensive than formal channels to buy tickets, but also accept 3 days and 2 nights of travel arrangements. This ticket a ticket is 70 thousand won, the two tier is 3-)相关的主题文章: