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Le Pro 3 Xiaolong 821 only 1799 – 21 lunar August science and technology Sohu, welcome to watch "E minutes". I am Yang Muchen, you broadcast today’s science and technology news: yesterday ASUS released a smart version, that version, ultimate and CD edition 4 ZenFone 3 mobile phone. The top of the monarch version equipped Xiaolong 821 processor, equipped with 5.7 inches 1080P screen OLED. 6+64GB memory combinations, 23 million pixel camera. Support 4X optical anti shake and 3X digital anti shake, priced at 4999 yuan. In addition to ultimate Xiaolong 820 and 4+64GB memory, other configuration and monarch version is basically the same, the price of 3299 yuan. Barbara version equipped Xiaolong 652 processor, equipped with 6.8 inches 1080P screen, 4+64GB memory combinations, the price of 3999 yuan. In addition to the 5.5 inch 1080P screen smart version, other configuration is consistent with the disdain for the version, priced at 2699 yuan. Today is to face the music. Music as new Pro 3 finally released. The use of Xiaolong 821 processor, equipped with 5.5 inches 2.5D screen, 4G LPDDR4 +32G UFS2.0 memory storage. Front 8 million rear 16 million pixel IMX298 camera module, the fuselage is only 7.5mm thick, battery capacity of 4070mAh. Support full Netcom and double double antenna MIMO, the price is only 1799, the 6+64G version is only 1999! Music, as the president of the mobile Feng Feng said the spot 500 thousand units, open an appointment at 5 this afternoon, September 28th spot sale. It seems that an increase of 3 had to sell ah! As the music is indeed enough species, depends on how the market feedback! Yesterday, Microsoft launched the NOKIA 216 feature machine, equipped with a 2.4 inches 320*240P screen, the front of the rear of the 300 thousand pixel camera, support for memory expansion, battery capacity 1020mAh. Price of $29 (about 193 yuan). Compared with the above two Sao dragon 821 new machine, it is fresh and refined! There are rumors that the State Bank Note7 explosion is planned by HUAWEI. HUAWEI responded that slander. Samsung also plans to re install the Note7 in the United States in October 21st, and the time on the shelves in Korea in September 28th. Hope that Samsung can cross this disaster, the manufacturers take warning. Last time, iSO read as iOS, read into 20th twenty. Sorry to everyone here, I’m sorry! Every day "E minutes", we’ll see you tomorrow! Flashball leave your view on the wall – – passionate interaction相关的主题文章: