Learn from overseas mature markets without blue chips rise is difficult to become a bull market 9c8814

From the overseas mature market to rise into the bull market without the blue chip sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money before the 2015 stock market A Jiang Ren similar from 1980s to 1990s U.S. stock market and Hong Kong stock market, the core strength decides the market trend is often the subject shares and small cap stocks, blue chip is often synonymous with the stock market. With the maturity of the A-share market, the future of the A-share market will be the core strength of the A will be launched around the blue chips, as now the U.S. stock market and the Hong Kong stock market as A. Therefore, investors need to learn from the experience of overseas mature markets, in order to share the upcoming bull market trend of A shares. Overseas mature market blue chips have good selection strategies in a top-down approach, which is based on historical data of different sectors of the economy statistics to find the law, the research methods of ordinary investors can easily master. For example: in early 1999, all the stock index will divide the company P P 500 for ten economic sectors, and then be arranged through statistical analysis of historical data. The results showed that the petroleum science and technology is the leading sector of the economy index bubble shift, and consumer goods, financial and medical departments is steady, the dividend rate is higher in sectors of the economy, this is the U.S. stock market index of the so-called "blue chip trend decided two three strong". Oil and technology have pushed up the S & P 500 index to go to the bubble sector, both in their peak market capitalization exceeded the standard & Poor’s 500 index total market capitalization of $30%. The performance of the oil market value depends on the performance of the oil price, which investors can easily understand. Therefore, the oil stocks as the representative of the resource stocks, the value judgment should be better than the price valuation. In the petrochemical planes as an example, now even if the valuation is higher than before, but the price is high but the margin of safety. The U.S. stock market, technology stocks rise and economic restructuring policies in 1980s the Reagan era is closely related to the current stage of economic transformation and the surrounding market China technology stocks rise case, the next ten years the probability of A stock market was similar to the Samsung, TSMC hardware technology stocks leading high. According to the experience of overseas mature market, the market value of oil and technology sector growth phase, the index is also the trend of the bull market cycle. Oil and technology sector market value of more than 30% of the total market value of blue chip index of the occasion, both the plate bubble is also a high risk stage index bubble. A stock market is now in the history of the stock market value is low, the stock market value of science and technology can be ignored, so the A stock market blue chip index growth huge space. Consumer goods, financial and pharmaceutical sectors in the S & P 500 index is the birth of a high dividend rate stock of the cradle. The U.S. stock market leading consumer goods is the production of tobacco Philip Morris, its performance and price performance and A stock market leading consumer goods stocks Kweichow Moutai are very similar, so look for daily consumer goods companies a high dividend yield is long-term investment choice. High dividend yield stocks seemingly tepid performance, but prices have bucked a record high. In addition to the classification of industrial sectors, the ownership structure of overseas blue chips are extremely fragmented, which is conducive to the completion of the corporate governance structure相关的主题文章: