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UnCategorized There are several things that I would make sure that are on your internet marketing reviews website following some small business website tips; obviously there is a home page. On my own site, Melbourne SEO Services, we’ve just gone video heavy. We’ve put video on every single page on the site. I’ll tell them exactly what it is that they’re going to find on this site and what it is that they should do next. So underneath services, if you just click services, there is a video that talks about the fact that we offer a whole bunch of different services. Underneath what you’ll find is a list of all of the different services with little summaries and snippets and if you want to find out more, you just click here to find out more. Then they will go into the individual ones. Then when you land on the individual pingback optimizer review products, you’ll find a headline for best small business websites: Looking for Quality Article Distribution Service? Watch the video below. I’m telling them what it is that they’re doing. Then I just go into what is your investment and that type of thing. On your home page I would try and encourage people to get an opt in. You’ll find a lot of people if you install Google Analytics on your website and you most definitely should be, if you install Google Analytics on your website, you’ll find a lot of people hit your website and bounce off and never come back again. So what can you do to grab that information on aweber review? The most important valuable asset in any business and all of the greats will tell you, it’s the data base, making sure you collect a data base. Most businesses don’t collect data bases as part of small business website tips for online businesses. The money is in the list and marketing to that list and the relationship you have with that list. So you want to make sure that you build up a list as an internet entrepreneur, treat them like absolute gold, look after them, provide them good value and service. Don’t always be pitch, pitch, give them good value as well so they enjoy being part of that list. That’s why on the home page I like to do what I can to make sure that I grab them, pull them into my funnel, get them into the top of my funnel. Then I can introduce them to this material later. It takes time for me to bond with them. So that’s what I do on the home page. Here are additional small business website tips. You’ll probably want a services page, some sort of a page that lists everything that you offer. You want to get quite clear on, here’s what I have to offer you. Then you also want to have some sort of testimonials page, what clients are saying about you. We do a lot of web video, just getting some of the different clients. I’ll go out and chat with them and we’ll do videos at their place of business. I’ll go out to them and have them talk about the results that they got when doing business with us. So what can you do to make sure that you’ve got testimonials covered? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: