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Customer Service In this Broker IPTV video, Rohn Goldstein of the South Metro Denver Realtors Association, introduces RPR, the Realtors Property Resource, a comprehensive tool to gather information on all properties sold and for sale. Interviewer: Today we are talking with Rohn Goldstein, CEO of the South Metro Denver Realtors Association, and Rohn welcome to the show. Rohn Goldstein: Thank you Interviewer: We are talking about a topic called the RPR and a lot of real estate agents don’t know about this yet, so why don’t you tell them what it is. Rohn Goldstein: The National Association of Realtors has been kind enough to have a four-legged stool of technology, that is available to realtors. The first one that everybody knows about is realtor.com of course, and then the second one the people seem to know about a little bit is realtor.org which is an internal site that gives them tons of information about real estate. The third one which was announced a couple of years ago was called houselogic, it’s a consumer site about how to care for your house, and then the fourth one, the one that we’re so excited about called Realtor Property Resource or RPR Interviewer: Yeah. Now, when people ask me what it is, or other agents ask what it is, the best way I could describe it is that The National Association of Realtors has essentially put together a national database of homes that have been sold or are for sale correct. Rohn Goldstein: That’s correct, 147 million homes show up on RPR, and it derives data from all different kinds of sources, from multilists around the country, from public records around the country, from school districts across the country, from data sources, from the census… and pools all that information into one amazing report Interviewer: Yeah! Well, give us a sample of what type of information is available on RPR. Rohn Goldstein: Well, in just a couple of minutes I can pull up a specific address, get the mapping for the address, get all of the comparables or things that the County Assessor may be using, pull in data about the school districts, data about employment figures, data about whether this house is in foreclosure or some other stressed situation, give a range of value that RPR thinks that the house is worth, which, by the way, can be amended, if the realtor knows more information than the national database is pulling up, and all of that information and a 100 more items show up in the RPR survey. Interviewer: I think the cool thing that they do here is they take information from your local MLS about what’s being published about the property and then they take information from the public record and they cross-reference and marry the two, so you really have the best of both worlds. Rohn Goldstein: You really do. You know, I used to have to pull information from multilist then go to public records, and then go to one mapping source, then go to a data source likes the census. All of that’s in one thing. Interviewer: Alright is it only available to realtors, or is it available to the consumer as well? Rohn Goldstein: It’s only available to realtors, it’s part of what realtors pay for, when they pay for their membership, so consumers have no access, non-realtor agents have no access to it, lenders, appraisers, none of those have access to it. This is a realtor only service. Interviewer: Alright, how do they access it? Rohn Goldstein: I think, the easiest way is to go to Metrolist, as they always do, login and go to the tab across the top that says “search”, when they pull down on the search button, they will see advanced, basic and different kinds of searches just like they always have if they look down the list. There will be one that says RPR, now the first time somebody goes to RPR they need to log on, and to do that they’re going to need to know their national realtor database system number or NRDS number. They might have it on a card or they might have it on the back of one of the realtor magazines or if they don’t have it in any of those other ways, they might just call their local association, who will be glad to give on that NRDS number, and they will be able to log on. If they have any issues at all, there is a 1-800 number for RPR, that’ll help him through every step, really good people to work with. Interviewer: Easier than that I use the live chat function on RPR. When I had a question I didn’t even have to pick up the phone. Rohn Goldstein: It’s great, it just depends on whether you want to talk to somebody one way or the other, but either way they are there for you. I want realtors to take advantage of this. Interviewer: Thanks Rohn. Good information. Rohn Goldstein: Thanks. Interviewer: Appreciate it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: