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Li Xiaochuan "Grandpa Christina 38" hit "little secret" revealed Tong Dawei – Li Xiaochuan film "Grandpa entertainment Sohu Christina 38" Tristan with actor Li Xiaochuan Sohu entertainment news recently, directed by South Korean director An Bingji, Tong Dawei, Michelle Chen starred in the movie "happy family drama relief Grandpa Christina 38" visit the National theater. Reporter Tristan actor who plays Li Xiaochuan in the play, by chance, revealed Tong Dawei had a daughter "little secret" to the next thing in another direction of rapid development, has become the driving force behind turning things. As a good actor, Li Xiaochuan in the "KORA", "nine Shiquan the United States", "go", "tumor Jun sun burning heart" and the film has excellent performance in the new "Grandpa Christina 38" Li Xiaochuan turned reporter Tristan, played Li Jing in the film from exposure the actor’s privacy to video, inadvertently caught the famous DJ He Zhiwu (Tong Dawei ornaments) have a daughter in secret, in addition to the truth in front of the audience, but also indirectly to push the whole thing behind the scenes. For his role in the drama reporter Tristan, the audience said "love hate, love is often exposed is unknown the truth, hate is they will touch the privacy of others in the invisible, let others hurt for no reason. Li Xiaochuan in the "Grandpa Christina 38" in the role of a journalist out lies, he found Tong Dawei and Michelle Chen from the photos in the studio, to advocate far (Liu Ruilin ornaments) to make the conference site outside of Tong Dawei, is trying to find a grandson (Lu Yun Cong ornaments) Grandpa confirm his identity, he is from first to last hold an attitude of unraveling looking for the truth, does not have other means so unbearable, he did not let the audience have a great "condemnation", but to accelerate the speed of the whole incident, also let Tong Dawei Michelle Chen to play in the final and talk, the highest point for the story to an emotional outburst. In addition to the recent "Grandpa Christina 38", he starred in the movie "warrior’s gate" will also visit the national cinema in November 18th to meet with the audience, he said there is an absolute role reversal, looking forward to Li Xiaochuan on the big screen to bring us more surprises.相关的主题文章: