Linjiangguo fire raging fixing northeast Lin Zexu – Interpretation of the strength of Beijing oboni

Linjiangguo "fire raging" fixing "northeast Lin Zexu" – Interpretation of the strength of Beijing, Beijing, November 5, the day before, in the "fire" in the known as "the Northeast Lin Zexu Liu Huahang Linjiangguo officially fixing, he is very reluctant to cast members, hope there are opportunities for cooperation. "The fire" performed by the drug control as the main line, Linjiangguo plays Liu Huahang, early because the Opium family suffered changes, causing him to Japanese opium and hate, then went on with the destruction of opium "Quxianjiuguo" road, and fight for life. The play is Linjiangguo and the famous director Chen Jian (director of "sword") for the first time cooperation, task time tight, urgent, in order to finish filming, the crew schedule is very intensive, Linjiangguo sometimes jokes that he almost to sleep in the studio, but in the end can be completed smoothly feeling very happy, and director Chen Jian is more in the continuous run of understanding, more mysterious that will soon meet with director Chen Jian. It is reported that completed the "fire raging" after the shooting of Lin Jiangguo, will be held next month beginning again into the "new" shooting in yellow cliff cave.相关的主题文章: