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The people of Luzhou received an official seal "ticket"   police: illegal pending – Sichuan channel — original title: Luzhou people received an official seal "ticket" pending "illegal traffic police: I parked in the cell door, found a car window early in the morning was put on the blue ticket" "but there is no official seal." Recently, Luzhou citizens Mr. Peng scored Chuanjiang City News Hotline 0830-3190929, said his car received a "blue ticket, but the ticket no stamp," means that he did not break the law, just law enforcement received a warning?" Illegal parking and parking notice to inform single (right) citizens: ticket is not stamped warning law enforcement? The evening of October 11th, Mr. Peng will stop the car to is located in Luzhou City Jiangyang District No. 11 hundred Road area outside the gate. Mr. Peng said, the district belongs to the resettlement area, there are two doors, the door locked their long-term parking. Because the living area is only about 200 parking spaces on the ground, parking is very tight, after several times, they also will be parked here, but has never been ticketed. "In May, when I was parked elsewhere also received an illegal parking notice, which is covered with a public security bureau of Luzhou traffic police detachment of a brigade of the chapter. But this is the receipt of the Luzhou road parking records to inform the single, the same is a blue list, but did not cover the official seal, is not the same as the two tickets? So I am in the end is illegal or not? Did not cover the official seal, does this mean that this is only a warning law enforcement?" Peng asked. Police said: this illegal act for approval with questions, the reporter came to Luzhou city traffic police brigade, according to the parking position of the picture provided by Mr. Peng, the traffic police retrieved the police had illegally collected to verify the picture. Police pointed out that Mr. Peng parking place in 100 Lu Road, the road there are prohibited parking, and parking area belongs to Mr. Peng fire channel, no parking is allowed. So, Mr. Peng’s behavior is illegal parking behavior, will face 3 points deduction, a fine of $100 penalty. According to the official seal and seal two different blue list, the police pointed out that Luzhou city road parking records Mr. Peng received this notice by the brigade auxiliary police officers found illegal facts in the inspections, the auxiliary police as individual informants issued notice, which clearly stated at the time have been on the scene, road traffic situation of image recording, and report the traffic police detachment of a brigade that review whether it constitutes illegal parking behavior facts. That is to say, the notification is to inform the driver, his illegal parking behavior into the audit stage. Since the notification is in the name of individual informants, so no need to seal. After this, auxiliary police officers will be sent photos and behavior records a suspicion of illegal traffic police brigade brigade after the audit, approval and verification of the driving behavior, driving in 7 working days after login the traffic police department official website or the official WeChat platform to provide "traffic illegal record query page the query, or at all)相关的主题文章: