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Manufacturers of smart watches inWatch traced wages months administrative micro-blog staff defections Taoxin inWatch official website has been unable to access the Sina Francisco September 30th afternoon message, intelligent mobile phone manufacturers inWatch today traced wages for three or four months, resulting in the management of official micro-blog employee defection, using inWatch exposure to the event, but now micro-blog has been completely removed, and inWatch is unable to open the official micro-blog. Sina science and technology for the first time contacted the inWatch side, the other did not respond. Administrative micro-blog staff defections 16:37 this afternoon, inWatch official micro-blog micro-blog said: I was a former inWatch administrative micro-blog, today I am forced to tear, that you may not believe it, the company is the first move. I also hope that the good, but the company owed wages for three or four months until now is not issued, we now pay talks without the door, I hope the relevant departments can help, we can not afford to pay the rent could not eat rice, but also loans and credit card family, now liability company executives speak with mutually making excuses, like fart. Wait until the company has not yet received 18 points later, inWatch official micro-blog has continued to issue micro-blog said: Wow, so soon there is someone PR me, I went first Oh, wait until the 6 point again. Until 18 PM, the micro-blog issued third related content said: the point, our bank card balance is still 0. On the micro-blog inWatch administrative micro-blog just has been deleted by the micro-blog in the number of minutes deleted all of the above, only the product promotion information since August 26th. Sina science and technology for the first time contacted the official inWatch, but the other did not respond to any reply. There is no official description of the matter. Public information, inWatch is affiliated with Shenzhen City Fun Technology Co., Ltd., and in 2013 released the first smart watch products. June 2015, inWatch also joined Tencent’s TencentOS launched a smart watch system equipped with TOS system. Ying fun technology in 2013 Zhejiang venture capital 20 million yuan A round of investment, February 2016 hoking Yuxi venture capital 20 million yuan A+ round of investment. Since then there will be no new round of public financing. Currently intelligent wearable areas, especially smart watches fierce competition. In addition to apple, Samsung and other mobile phone giants have cut into the vertical market, the first smart wearable unit Fitbit, millet ecological chain enterprises of China, Google investment go ask etc have force, accelerate the market competition. (Li Gen)相关的主题文章: