Masked song will guess guess will broadcast Momoco Tao Ella Wowkie Zhang joined the people’s ghost observer

Sing "masked guess" will broadcast   Momoco Tao Ella Wowkie Zhang joined, entertainment channel, original title: "masked sing guess" will broadcast Momoco Tao Ella Wowkie Zhang joined in September 11th, by Jiangsu TV and Canxing production work together to create a large music challenge reality show "masked sing will guess guess" in every Sunday night 20:30 Jiangsu TV broadcast. The audience the long-awaited "masked singer" program was officially renamed the "masked sing guess" new starting program has one hundred percent intellectual property rights. This file format, with a new lineup of the original music program will sweep the TV screen, the program will be hosted by Li Hao, there will be more than 30 artists to sing on stage to accept the masked, composed of senior artist Wowkie Zhang, Momoco Tao Ella, the jury and audience guess guess test. "Sing" masked program group official first guess jury list by Oprah, "King piece" composed of the squad to the foot of the audience rating guess surprise, senior artist Momoco Tao, Ella, Wowkie Zhang…… Guess the jury members not only in the field of Arts in the field of music, each one has his good points, three more senior is absolute, each have their attainments in the program’s judgment and variety is worth looking forward to! Ella confirmed to join guess jury, network transmission Selina was invited to participate in the masked singer, whether S.H.E will cause hot friends in "masked" fit "to sing; Wang also suspected in the north and south piece" guess jury fit, Joker joined the high voice, is expected to once again to work with Wowkie Zhang; net list in Eason Chan and Fish Leong. The music will will be masked and whether the stage? In the face of speculation, the program group revealed that the artists and program group signed a complete confidentiality agreement, recording the entire process will be masked by the singer, the list is watertight, tempt the appetite of friends. What will be the singer surprise debut? It seems that only in the program outcome. (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: