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May day fans buy concert tickets, the big screen can not see the May Day Concert News Morning News package Ran fan (a pseudonym) in the bull online ordering with a fare ticket in May day concert tickets, seat by the demon ticketing network distribution. Wait until the start of the concert that day, according to the number Ran package to find a seat, the seat was dumbfounded: against the wall, let alone stage, even the big screen can not see. The package Ran had to listen the concert, suffering 4 hours after the exit, and by the influence of the fans there are several walls. Later, she angrily complaints, request ticketing side to an idea, but he said the "seat ticket network is random, can only say sorry, not refund compensation". Spend 780 to buy 555 yuan ticket package Ran May days of hardcore fans, in June this year, will that idol concert in Shanghai in October, she immediately in the "devil ticketing network" booked a October 4th concert stand ticket, coupon price of 555 yuan, the price of 780 yuan. The tickets are 225 yuan fare, but because the site is the price tag, so not too much doubt ", package Ran told reporters that the seat number is not optional, but to ticket distribution. Later, she received a copy of the bull ticket tickets, seat number is "19 2 39 row 11, time in October 4th of 19. 7 the night of October 3rd, second days Ran package in order to see the long-awaited concert, specially from Jiangsu to Huaian by bus to Shanghai, because of the traffic jam, sit for 13 hours, the next morning arrived. The concert to listen to not only see the October 4th day of the concert, Ran package with the ticket into the Shanghai stadium, found his seat in the last row of the 2 layer in the corner, she immediately dumbfounded, according to the number of her seat close to the wall, the left view is completely occluded, the stage can not see, the big screen can not see, even the 300 yuan tickets are not stand. "This position at the wall, not at all, so set, too unreasonable! Do you have this money?" She asked the devil to call the spot ticketing network, but the other staff also gave out the solution, said only a reply within 7 working days. In the evening, Shanghai stadium was packed, the grandstand seats were full, no adjustment. The package Ran said the concert from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., she did not see the figure in May day. Affected by more than one person, the next person is invisible, dry anxious, and later has been playing the phone. The fans sitting in her front row had to stretch their heads to see the stage. 4 hours of time, only a good package Ran May day song, helplessly blue bar and looked across the region dancing idol fans interactive. "I think anyone who does it will be angry, sitting for a long time in the car, waiting for such a long concert, the results can not see anything." The package Ran said, after the end of the concert, she’ll find he ticketing complaint, asked to give a statement, but the other side has not responded. [he] ticket seat is random, can’t decide public information, he operated by Shanghai’s colt ticketing network technology Co. ltd.. 21 afternoon, the reporter found the bull head of ticketing Ms. xue. She.相关的主题文章: