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Nanjing city Qixia district Party committee secretary: Baguazhou will welcome two Guojiangtongdao Nanjing city Qixia district Party committee secretary Xing Zhengjun on behalf of the ZAKER Nanjing Modern Express reporter Lu Wei photo Express News (reporter Lu Wei) to Baguazhou farmhouse weekend, grapes, eat Luhao, will become more and more convenient. In November 19th, the thirteenth Congress of the province of Nanjing delegation group discussion meeting site, Nanjing City, Qixia party secretary Xing Zhengjun on behalf of an interview with reporters revealed that Baguazhou will usher in two: one is the good infrastructure, the future of Nanjing plans to build 21 Guojiangtongdao, eight of them have two Gua Zhou; two is the function as the center of the garden, the main leisure agriculture, ecological protection, not to engage in large-scale development. Baguazhou lie in the Yangtze River, the Yangtze River is second only to Chongming and Yangzhong’s third largest island. Xing Zhengjun said, according to the latest plan, next year will start the work of the river channel. Among them, and Yan Road crossing the river will advance to start in 2018. There is a PU channel. "The end of next year is expected to start construction, itself to Baguazhou will seamlessly with the main city." Xing Zhengjun said. Reporters noted that this is not just across the channel on both sides of the Changjiang River, across the Baguazhou, but it plays a series of Nanjing city ring. Pu Yi Road channel and existing Jiangbei Road through, can connect the four bridge, bridge, bridge, tunnel, the Yangtze River Yangtze River Tunnel and future five line bridge. Not only facilitate the Jiangbei public travel, but also brought a lot of convenience to the residents of the island. Jiangbei District upgraded to the national level, Baguazhou will follow "dipping", because it has also been included in the planning area of Jiangbei District in the development level, enjoy the policy will be relatively high. At present its administrative area also belongs to the Qixia area. Xing Zhengjun said that the sound is currently planning to improve the sound of the island, on the basis of planning to do a good job, it will clear the industry positioning and some of the focus of construction, and then according to the orderly planning. "All this is based on the premise of ecological protection".相关的主题文章: