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Outdoors South Asia is the most populated region of the world, even though this region is one of the most charismatic and colorful places on earth. Of this region, Bangladesh has the most natural landmarks which make Bangladesh a dream travel destination for tourists. Rich culture, beautiful tourist spots, and hospitable people. These are the qualities that all great tourist spots have. And, incidentally, these are also the very qualities that you will find in the beautiful country of Bangladesh. Catch a glimpse of the Tigers Fun in the Sun and Sand Boating through Bangladesh Cleanse your Soul with Some Tea Take a walk in the Zoo The City of Mosques Most Bangladesh Hotels are supported by its own medical, workout and swimming pool facilities. Bank outlets or ATM can be found inside, at the lobby area. Hotels in Bangladesh are surrounded by lucrative shopping malls. Tourists are mostly attracted by the pink pearls of Bangladesh. Local antiques and handy crafts are also of high value and exported to EEC countries in bulk quantities each year. Visitors and tourists enjoy Arong, a chain department store of local handy crafts and antiques and some other similar local branded shops. Sylhet Srimangal is one of the hilly districts of Sylhet division. This place is famous for tea gardens. Series of tea plants looks really beautiful and you will be amazed at a single look. You can also take the chance to drink Seven Layered tea here. This is really exceptional and rare. To take the real taste of tea there is no other options than to .e here. Jaflong is the border area of Sylhet division. This place is known as land of stone. The Mari River is the nearby river. This river is well known to all due to transparent glass like river water. You can see the ground of river from the top of water. Dhaka Dhaka, the capital city with a heritage of over 400 years, holds the most of the Bangladesh Hotels, both in quality and quantity. Unlike most country, this country is not much decentralized on national and other important activities. The capital city is the main center of most activities of the country. Power, politics, trade and cultural activities revolves mainly around the city. Main attraction of trade is Dhaka Stock Exchange, popularly known as DSE Bangladesh. All of the Bangladesh news agencies are Dhaka based. Dhaka holds most of the features a capital city should have. Moreover there are many historical places, a number of golf courses and numerous shopping malls to attract the tourists. Chittagong Second largest city is the port city of Chittagong on the Bay of Bengal. It has a rich sea trade history which can be traced back at Roman period. But as for the hotels, the city was holding lone 4 star rated Agrabad hotel before independence at 1971. At current there are Peninsula, Naba Inn Guest House, Harbour View, Tower Inn etc. all 4 star rated. Also there are 3 star rated Saint Martin, Asian SR, Century Park and many more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: