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About the management of the new deal is expected to net car – car – refine landing original title: Network about the management of the new deal is expected to refine landing vehicle transportation department and other 7 departments jointly issued the "online booking taxi management service management procedures" will be implemented in November 1st this year. "Approach" clearly, according to the local law can be combined with the actual implementation of specific rules. October 8th, in the approach there will be less than a month will be implemented, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, respectively, the introduction of the local network booking taxi service management implementation details of the draft. In this regard, drops travel responded that the place on the net about car wheelbase, displacement, vehicle access time and the network about the car driver must have provisions for local household registration, virtually raise the access threshold, or lead to the vehicle supply network about cars plummeted, fare increase; Shenzhou company responded that the Beijing Shanghai and other network management advice about the car the draft had no effect on the Shenzhou car, but the net about car drivers must have a local residence this requirement is too strict. Around the introduction of the network about car policy landing rules closely related to the masses travel, will lead to widespread concern in society. Of course, in the comment period, the network about cars and various stakeholders can fully express their views — Beijing: scale and structure based on the capital function of Beijing drafted the "Beijing city on deepening the reform of the taxi industry to promote the healthy development of the implementation of the views of" the "Beijing city network booking taxi management service management implementation details" and "Beijing private minibus carpool guidance" 3 policy documents of the draft, from October 8th to October 14th in Beijing city eBeijing and Transportation Commission official website for public comment. In the implementation of the opinions, it is clear that the car and the car network to have a reasonable capacity and structure. According to the functional orientation of the capital, considering the number of population of Beijing, the level of economic development, city traffic congestion, air quality, public transportation development level, the taxi mileage utilization rate and other factors, reasonably determine the taxi in the city comprehensive transportation system in proportion to establish a dynamic monitoring and adjustment mechanism. In the regulation of network about cars, the draft proposed that the network provide about car service platform company, net about car enterprises, vehicles and drivers, should comply with the relevant state and Beijing licensing conditions and management requirements. About the car network platform company operation right of a time limit, the operating period of 4 years, expire after passing the examination can be postponed; assume the responsibility for production safety responsibility, and the corresponding social responsibility according to the law, and bear the vehicle driver safety management responsibilities and driver team stable responsibility to buy related insurance to fulfill the responsibility of the carrier shall have the line; under the service capacity, with offices and training places in Beijing and other conditions, data backup, basic information and dynamic operation data real-time access to government supervision platform. Encourage network about car platform company through investment, shares and other ways to carry out their own vehicle business activities. In addition, the network about the car through the network booking service, not parade showmanship. Shanghai: a strict distinction between passenger and passenger transport相关的主题文章: