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UnCategorized American football is one of the most watched sports in US, and alongside baseball and basketball, football is the most loved game in the US too. American football is thrilling with the role of receivers, quarterbacks, running backs and return specialists interesting to watch. American football is not played on an international level as much and thus, it is the National Football League (NFL) where the sport is at its most .petitive level. In the NFL, regional teams go against each other and battle it out for supremacy in a league format. Fans of each team throw their support behind the players and wear jerseys and other gear to support the team and the player they like the most. The Green Bay Packers are one of the teams that play in the NFL and have a loyal fan base to boast, which turns either up to watch the games in stadiums or at home live. With the 2013 NFL season around the corner, there has been a lot of talk about the jerseys of the NFL teams. The jerseys for the new season are released during pre-season so that fans can easily buy the new jerseys of their favorite team players before the real action begins. The fans of the Green Bay Packers have been equally excited as fans of other teams to see their teams New Jersey for the season. Each club releases two kits each season in the NFL with one being the main uniform and the other one being the throwback jersey. The NFL season would be beginning on September 5 and the jerseys of all teams are now available at their official stores as well as other shops that carry such merchandise. The Green Bay Packers have also released their jerseys for the fans so that they can buy the jerseys of their favorite players to show their support and love for the team and player. Two jerseys that are expected to get the fans excited are the Jordy Nelson black jersey and the Randall Cobb camo jersey. Both players have been consistent performers for the Green Bay Packers and are therefore, loved by the Packers fans. Jordy Nelson has been a good performerfor the Green Bay Packers team ever since he debuted for the team in 2008. Playing as a wide receiver, Nelson has impressive stats to and his induction in First Big All 12 and Consensus All American show prove that he is agood receiver. Randall Cobb is another Green Bay Packers player who is loved by the Packers fans. During his short stint of just two years at the club, he has proven himself to be one of the versatile players in the league overall. The youngest player in the NFL, Randall Cobbs ability to handle the roles of receiver, running back and return specialist with equal quality has made him a fan favorite. The Green Bay Packers have released the Jordy Nelson black jersey and the Randall Cobb camo jersey along with other merchandise just for the fans. To show your support for the team, you can buy the jerseys of your favorite players now from the official stores or from any other stores that carry official merchandise of NFL teams. The Jordy Nelson black jersey and Randall Cobb camo jersey are worth a look if you are a Packers fans. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: