News gaosongzhuan stocks pulled Huangshanghuang Sohu securities rose nearly 5%- mkdv-02

News: gaosongzhuan stocks pulled Huangshanghuang rose nearly 5%- Sohu securities Sohu Securities News gaosongzhuan concept pulled, as of press time, Huangshanghuang rose nearly 5%. Huangshanghuang August 23rd evening announcement said, in August 22, 2016 the board of directors approved the "2016 semi annual profit distribution and capitalization of capital reserve plan", the company ended June 30, 2016 the total share capital of 125 million shares as the base, to every 10 shares 5 shares, cash dividends every 10 shares 1.25 yuan (including tax), at the same time the capital reserve, the company’s total share capital of 125 million shares as the base to all shareholders 10 shares for every 25 shares, the total transfer of about 375 million shares. Since August, the concept of high news transfer has been ready, with the intensive disclosure of reports, related concepts of speculation entered a climax. Data show that since late August, the middle of this year has launched 44 companies dividend plan (including two bonus) rose nearly 90%, only 5 companies fell. 44 companies with an average increase of 7.39%, the stock index over the same period as the main index fell, of which the largest increase in the entertainment or up to 33.42%. Daily the latest market operation guide and limit prediction will be in WeChat public number: publicize my eyes Kanpan, scan the QR code below (or WeChat search public number: agu819), you will get a different surprise!   快讯:高送转概念股拉升 煌上煌涨近5%-搜狐证券  搜狐证券讯 高送转概念拉升,截至发稿,煌上煌涨近5%。   煌上煌8月23日晚间发布公告称,2016年8月22日公司董事会审议通过了《2016年半年度利润分配及资本公积金转增股本预案》,以截至2016年6月30日公司总股本约1.25亿股为基数,拟每10股送红股5股,每10股派发现金股利1.25元(含税),同时进行资本公积金转增股本,以公司总股本1.25亿股为基数向全体股东每10股转增25股,合计送转约3.75亿股。   8月以来,中报高送转概念已蠢蠢欲动,随着中报密集披露,相关概念的炒作进入高潮。   数据显示,8月下旬以来,今年中期已推出送转股预案的44家公司(其中两家为送股)近九成上涨,仅5家公司下跌。44家公司平均涨幅达7.39%,同期沪指等主要指数均下跌,其中涨幅最大的金科娱乐涨幅达33.42%。   每日最新股市操作指南和涨停板预测都会在我的微信公众号:证眼看盘里公布,扫描下方二维码(或搜索微信公众号:agu819 ),你会得到不一样的惊喜!  相关的主题文章: