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Arm pain may be signs of lung cancer signs of lung cancer " data-link=" " > arm pain may be signs of lung cancer to deal with cancer, the human killer, early detection and early treatment of the most critical. Recently, the American medical website "health care guide" describes 8 suspicious signs of cancer, help us as soon as possible to find traces of cancer. Heartburn. Chronic heartburn, mild nausea, may be an early manifestation of gastric cancer. If you take antacids, these symptoms still has not been eased, and appetite than usual after a decrease, bloating, suggest timely medical treatment, because it means you may be suffering from gastroesophageal reflux and gastroesophageal reflux will increase the risk of throat cancer precancerous lesions. Shortness of breath. Shortness of breath may be a sign of lung cancer. If cough for weeks are not good, whether it is dry or cough with phlegm, there may be early signs of lung cancer, suggest timely medical treatment, X – ray, CT examination. Flu like symptoms. Unexplained fever may indicate cancer. Most cancers have a fever at some stage, usually when the cancer cells are transferred from the body to the rest of the body. The early symptoms of lymphoma are particularly similar to influenza, such as persistent fever, pain, etc.. Hoarse. If you have symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection have disappeared or allergy season has passed, but still hoarse for more than 2 weeks, especially the symptoms continue to deteriorate, it is recommended to do a check. Hoarseness or laryngitis may be external manifestations of laryngeal cancer, lung cancer and thyroid cancer. Hoarseness may be the only symptom of esophageal cancer in many cases. Arm pain. If the internal arm and arm pain, with the growth of time become more and more serious, probably because the lymph node enlargement caused by nerve compression, and this is one of the symptoms of lung cancer. The pain is like muscle soreness, but in a fixed position, similar to neuropathic pain or arthritis pain.   abdominal distension. Compared to men, abdominal distension is a common physiological phenomenon of women, but if you remove the menstrual period, a month still regularly attack, especially not to eat, still uncomfortable bloating it, time to go to the hospital to do B ultrasound examination. Because abdominal distension is one of the common symptoms of ovarian cancer. Difficulty of urination. Difficult for men to urinate, whether it is not urine, or a small amount of urine, often take it for granted that prostate enlargement and improper. But in fact, dysuria may also be a common symptom of prostate cancer. Recommended timely medical treatment, can be confirmed by prostate-specific antigen test.   fatigue. Weakness and fatigue are symptoms of many types of cancer, especially leukemia. The American Cancer Society warns that if you have enough sleep and stress, you still feel tired, so you should have a full physical examination as soon as possible. 3相关的主题文章: