Not the same as the 17 Jiande youth daddy go viewfinder – 2 Sohu of Tourism

Not the same as the 17 Jiande youth "daddy go viewfinder – 2" Sohu travel this is a mountain and water and love story, the film features Jiande’s beautiful scenery with beautiful scene, at 17 degrees youth Jiande tourism micro film "together", I was back in the a few days in Jiande, nine surname fishermen wedding, climbing, a new leaf village, health delicacy Festival and so on are played in my mind… Is famous for "mountain water" and the lovely scenes gathering of talents in Jiande places of historic interest and scenic beauty since ancient times, "Jin Feng Ling, the landscape of the town" reputation, the ancient "eight Yanling" this is "Xin’an ten". The Fuchun River: South East: Small Three Gorges scenic spot, mainly rock single soul inhabiting Xin’An River hydropower station, Qiandao Lake in the West. Nine surname fishermen wedding on the water by fishing, said the bride carried basin rules, feeding from mother meal, sing songs from mother links, reproduce the unique ancient customs of local fishermen, the fishermen living in the nine surname wedding is endemic to Xin’An River on the nine surname fishermen "customs. The so-called "nine surname fishermen" refers to the past years wandering in the Xin’An River and the Fuchun River, on the river fishermen, Chen, Lin, sun, yuan, money, leaves, Xu, Li and he nine surname. Nine fishermen’s wedding ceremony from beginning to end in the boat. "Dongdong" – "G-r-r Lili", in the noisy day the sound of drums, people will like to lift the pot cover red scarf bow, bridesmaids escorted the bride out of the cabin into the basin, four men’s boat end wedding bride basin, the bride with high up, turn in the opposite direction three times male, thrown to the ship, the ship with four men go sit bride like pot down, then the couple in the bow hand worshipped heaven and worshipped the parents, then worship each other. Rock the hillside of the "Jiangnan Hanging Temple" located in the rock from Jiande city about 24 kilometers, the mountain has two sides gilded Buddha, the hillside temple building half embedded in rock belly, while Lingjia vacant, and Mt. Hengshan Hanging Temple have different approaches but equally satisfactory results, it is also known as the "Jiangnan Hanging Temple". Is the embodiment of a "hanging" in the scenic areas along the cliff, temple, Buddha are on the steep cliffs, although most of the reconstruction, people are still not amazed by the creativity. Tour route in the scenic tour route is roughly circular, play Daiji rock, recommend sitting ropeways uphill (up 50 yuan, down 40 yuan), and then counterclockwise walk down the mountain, saving time and labor, the entire tour is the most fun along the tortuous path along the cliff walk on the cliff edge, enjoy the mountain trails, embedded in the temple, the Buddha, and the mountains in the distance over the town and castle hill small, very spectacular scenes. Go on for a while, the country’s largest natural standing Buddha is another feature here: from the side, the whole rock peak like a statue of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva statue. Stone, strange cave, vegetation harmoniously combined into Buddha features, visitors here are without exception to watch a stop. The main temple hall was built in decangwang mountain is 3 meters high, 60 meters long, 20 meters wide in the cave, half of it embedded in rock belly, half hanging Ling Qi insurance, quite spectacular. "Daddy where to go to the viewfinder 2" new leaf village.相关的主题文章: