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When the first day of the income to break 80 million "unmanned deep space" was a massive refund in mid August, repeatedly bounced "unmanned deep space" was finally officially released to the Steam platform, the $60 game with early accumulation of popularity and appetizing propaganda to win the opener, according to the Steam data online at the same time, the game on the first day of the first day of at least 80 million yuan, but at that time there have been a lot of game player began to complain about the game is not so good publicity. Two weeks later, the developer Hello Games suffered a greater embarrassment, in the more than 60 thousand game player comments, given the bad game player 61%, and because the large-scale game player to request a refund, Valve also specializes in the forum posted "no deep space for Steam refund regulations" interpretation, experience the game within 2 hours game player can request a refund, it also led to a lot of people in the industry in Europe and the United States concerns, aiming at the problem of fierce discussion. So, for the price of expensive and bounced several independent games, why game player their reaction is so fierce? Europe and the United States and how to look at it? Please see details Gamelook: most commenters requested a refund: "no" why so deep space is not like the game player? To be honest, no matter is Mobile Games, PC games or console games, slag as never avoided, but from the production quality, "no deep space" never is one of the most poor, why can the game game player who caused so much resentment? From the game player comments and Tucao, mainly in the following aspects: 1 is not a lot of game game player Hello Games said, to build a platform, you can explore the universe, but this game is not what relation, the current state is simply not the game. Player Rouge_JP said, this is my past 30 years to play the game to see the biggest lies in the process, the developer promised not to do the content of the 95%. The game is boring, the flying experience is bad, the battle is very hard, all the planets look the same. Good factions and physical effects did not appear, you can search a lot of people make the Tucao video in Google, the game all parts of the plant and animal looks the same, this is a mediocre residue. And advertising is not the same, do not buy, even $5 is not worth, and even it should be free, up to 99 cents. Compared with these comments, the foreigner is veiled criticism of the game player: RefTyy must withdraw before the praise, ten hours before I feel good, the exploration of the universe is very interesting, but then I realized that most of the planet is a skin again, most of the animal looks like a game, this is an exploration of the game, and is repeated to explore the same things, you will love? Creator Seam Murray is a big liar, released a day before the game said this is a stand-alone game, promised a multiplayer game rather baffling is gone, if not to make major changes, "deep space" no less than half of the dead. Slot too much, but in a word, this game is very相关的主题文章: