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Food-and-Drink With a Flavia brewing machine, you can make any type of coffee, tea, or chocolate drinks. Some of the more popular drinks that you see if cafes can be produced in just a few minutes. Imagine having your favorite cappuccino or latte brewed in the comfort of your very own home without any hassle. On top of the convenience and ease of preparation, you also happen to save a bundle! Let’s take a look at a few types of Flavia drinks that you can brew. There are five broad categories. 1) Coffees. Some people can’t seem to do without a cup of coffee every morning. Perhaps this is due to habit. Coffee has a very unique taste. The key issue here is to notice that different types of coffee can have very different tastes. So if you are looking for a specific taste, then you need to pay attention to 2 things – the roast and the flavor of the coffee. A stronger roast will give a stronger fragrance to the coffee. If you have always enjoyed drinks with strong fragrances, then choose something that has a stronger roast. Also, coffee mixes have different flavor intensities. The more intense the flavor, the stronger the coffee. If you like a more refreshing flavor for your morning coffee, then a light flavored mix would be an ideal choice. 2) Teas. Coffee drinkers are mostly tea drinkers as well. Tea has antioxidants that will help boost the immune system and improve overall health. Many health experts recommend drinking tea on a regular basis. A cup of tea a day will not only be beneficial to health, the act of drinking tea also helps to mind to relax as well. You find that Flavia has many popular teas in its product mix. You can choose to buy Earl Grey, English tea, Rooibos tea, or Japanese green tea (gaining popularity fast). Unlike coffee, tea always have a more refreshing taste. If you are concerned about living a healthier lifestyle, drinking tea would be a wise choice. 3) Chocolates. When the weather is cold, you may feel like drinking a cup of hot creamy chocolate. The warm chocolate flowing down your throat and bringing warmth to your body is an inexplicably enjoyable feeling. You can have your favorite peppermint hot chocolate or DOVE hot chocolate in your own home. 4) Cappuccinos / Lattes. Cappuccinos and lattes have been very popular with the young. Cappuccinos are stronger drinks. You can sit down with a cup of cappuccino and all you have to do is to sip a little of the drink to enjoy its strong taste. But if you are feeling a little thirsty, then you need a drink with more liquid volume. Latte would be a good choice. Almost everyone likes a good latte. 5) Mochas & Chococcinos Finally, you have the mochas and chococcinos. These are special drinks that mix coffee and chocolate together. The reason why the two go so well together is because coffee by itself has a bitter taste. Chocolate can help enhance the taste because it has a sweet taste. The two combine to produce richer and creamier drinks. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: