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"Our crime" into the criminal case frequent: Yunnan’s first "test case" trial – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Chengdu on September 29th news (reporter Zhou Yifan) according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reported that, in order to test a few college and two high school students in the art professional exam, students are looking for her, the invigilator on the spot to see through, then, procuratorate prosecution of four people, Kunming city Chenggong District People’s court yesterday (28) hearing of the case. Last year, the "criminal law amendment (9)" after the "training" into the criminal sanctions against Beijing, Hainan, Shanghai, and other places have been hearing test cases, this case is the first in Yunnan province trial examination instead of crime. Take the test into the punishment, there is more to the relevant cases, we can cure this disease? Kunming city Chenggong District People’s court presiding judge Qi ang introduced: find two students who take the test surnamed Gu, surnamed Li, are people, Luoping County of Qujing city at the beginning of this year, with two people enrolled in the Art Institute of Yunnan province organization of undergraduate professional art enrollment examination, worried about his professional achievements enough. So I want to find someone to replace the exam. Presiding judge: how to discuss? Suspect 1: I said you can help me take a test? He said he was a bit tight. I said that you think about it. Suspect 2: almost. I refused at the time because I thought the exam was more serious. Later, because a lot of things, coupled with a friend, then reluctantly accepted. Suspect 3: I know she came up training, a month before the exam she called me, she said she did not draw very well. I was thinking that it was a long time, and later she called me. I just finished the test in two days time, she said that the studio is next to our school, I went to look at. I thought she was really bad, and she asked me. However, our behavior is on the spot to see through the invigilator. Since then, the prosecution of four people, the case by the people’s Court of Kunming District, Chenggong. The presiding judge Qi ang: they exam professional undergraduate admissions exam art students inside the school exam, theatre and film art and design professional Yunnan Arts University organized the school exam, but also the law of national examination, they in the examination process, specifically seized in color test. It is to replace the prosecution of the crime of the crime, the crime is the criminal law amendment (9), a new addition to the provisions of the criminal law as a crime. Yesterday, the Chenggong District People’s court heard the case, but also the first case in Yunnan province to replace the crime test. The presiding judge Qi ang, in order to play a warning role, the trial site, located in the Yunnan University of Nationalities. University City, about 200 students were enrolled. Qi ang said: "after the procuratorate prosecution, we feel that this case is significance, so think of this case as a case to the sun of justice, Yunnan University of Nationalities public hearing. In the majority of candidates there, knowing the degree is not very high, they always feel is to find someone to take the test cheating, cheating is to give the test ban and other administrative penalties, "criminal law amendment (9)" the provisions for crime, criminal behavior as to take the test,.相关的主题文章: