Panda Meng Bao hang in the first weekend of the strength of countless circles roxane hayward

Panda Meng Bao in the first round of the strength of the island in the last few years in September 21st, the red panda and double good performance to become the new owner of the panda zoo in Hangzhou. The pandas brothers fan appeal, Hangzhou zoo panda keeper Gu Jiangping said really should not be underestimated. "The day of their opening its doors, the gate of the zoo in the morning there are fans waiting for two days, and even specially came from Shanghai fans." September 24th is a good achievement and double good to spend the first weekend in Hangzhou, once again the strength of countless circles. Kiki live in Binjiang with my mom and dad came all the way from home to Hangzhou zoo to see a pair of good achievements and. To the panda museum, just in time to catch up with the achievements of the field and good double". Because still adapt to the new stage of the environment, the achievements and the activities of the dual field is also limited. Can not across the glass to see the panda, near the tourist all over the panda hug, gathered round the whole field. See achievements and good, we have raised the phone and camera. The side of the girl burst a couple, look back at the time could not help but say too adorable, to be ring powder. In the face of so many fans, achievements and good to give full play to be able to become a network of red calm temperament. The achievement was comfortably in the pool bath, a good pair of the rockery walked, and then slowly to near the last is about looking at the achievements, achievements look too comfortable, can not help but into the pool, sit. Gu Jiangping could not help laughing. It is rare to see a good double pool, it may be hot." Stay in Hangzhou for three or four days, the achievement is like big brother, stable performance, good adaptability, and double good, after all, is a well-known courage small, in a strange environment, or a number of non adaptation. "A good pair of quietly climbed the hill in the distance at the glass watch far spent half a day. This performance, a good pair of fans also do not feel surprised, they say a good double reflection arc is a bit long, we have been used to double when the murals." Gu Jiangping said, these two days, double good achievement, accompanied by a little bit to adapt to the new home. Live in this regard, in fact, the two brothers are not the most suited to the surrounding neighborhood every morning harassment". Hangzhou zoo in the morning, from time to time to hear the roar of lions, elephants, tigers, these sounds but they have never heard of the Chengdu Panda Breeding Research base. "Hear these sounds, often frightened the little brothers." "They will soon adapt to this small problem, and now called the little brothers in Chengdu, but also to have a reaction. I believe in a few days, they will be able to understand the interaction of the Hangzhou dialect." Gu Jiangping said.相关的主题文章: