Parsons defected to the Grizzlies for his next summer to help Memphis big lobbying

Parsons defected to the Grizzlies for his next summer? Rhetoric to lobby for Memphis big Parsons to help Sina big grizzly lobby sports news Beijing time on August 25th, according to the "Beale  Bears"; Street  reports, the Memphis Grizzlies striker Brandon Wright believes that Chandler [micro-blog – Parsons is very suitable for the grizzlies. And Parsons also said that he will start recruiting from next offseason free agent for memphis. Parsons joined the Grizzlies this summer, and he had a deep friendship with the Mavericks have contributed a lot of Wright. Recently, Wright admitted: "yes, a few days before the opening of the free agent market, I will contact him (Parsons), and said to him, ‘give us a chance."" In Wright’s view, Parsons will also be suitable for the Grizzlies, because he is a perfect plug and play players". According to the "The Associated Press" reported recently in the fan interaction, said that does not rule out the possibility to return to his former club Houston Parsons also said that he will start from the next offseason for the Grizzlies to recruit more big free agent. "Come here as the first big free people, I think this is very special, and I want to become the leading trend of people here," Parsons said, "we believe that the best, from the beginning of next summer, and I will (General Manager) Chris Wallace together, for Memphis to recruit more players." Parsons likes to recruit free agents. In his early years as a rocket, he had successfully lobbied Dwight – Howard. Last year in Dallas, he almost persuaded Jordan de Andre to vote, is well versed in the road. However, Memphis is no better than Houston and Dallas, the success of the can also say that the two. According to statistics, the total salary of the Grizzlies will reach $96 million 500 thousand, if the salary cap as expected, for $108 million, then the Grizzlies will only be less than 12 million salary space. Of course, if you really prefer a Memphis top paid player, they can also pass through the transaction for payroll. At the next big non restricted free agents in many, such as Stephen curry, Blake Griffin [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Kevin Durant [micro-blog], Gordon – Hayward, Paul – Millsap, Sergi – yibaka [micro-blog] and Chris Paul [micro-blog] are all ranked in the. Parsons will be able to flex its muscles. (Chi Mei)相关的主题文章: