Partial stock funds rose 0.71% to three Chinese fund Baotuan out (list) – fund channel musiland

Partial stock fund rose 0.71%, Chinese three fund Baotuan attack (list) – fund channel yesterday (February 17, 2016), the Shanghai Composite Index rose 1.08%, reported 2867.34; small board index rose 1.25%, reported 6727.22; gem index rose 0.61%, reported 2215.34. In terms of plate, except for wine, other sectors are rising, including building, aviation gainers. Turnover, two cities total turnover of about 569 billion 680 million, compared with the previous day to expand about 69 billion 341 million, of which the Shanghai Stock Exchange is about 2259, related stock movements.64 billion, Shenzhen stock transaction about 343 billion 716 million. Fund market, driven by the rise in the stock index, the average value of partial stock fund rose by 0.71%. Further classification shows that the average net value of active equity funds rose by 0.90%, the average value of index funds rose by 0.95%, and the average value of hybrid funds rose by 0.61%.   yesterday opened funds generally upward, down the fund accounted for only 3.95%. From the front or the fund, the stock allocation ratio is generally high, from the last annual report, or five of the funds in the stock proportion of the fund’s total assets are more than 80%, from the management point of view, the Chinese fund’s fund performance is better, which rose by Chinese stock allocation ratio of the lowest three fund in the future the stock theme mixed funds accounted for the proportion of the total assets is more than 89%. On the whole, when the stock index goes well, the performance of the fund will be better, but investors should pay attention to the decline in the stock index, the net drop of such funds will also be faster. Paul Research Center believes that yesterday’s stock index rose to a greater extent because the way a few days before the stock market to mobilize the confidence to do more, plus A shares fell deep after the risk has been fully released, the sell-off also decreased. However, in the early trading days, the growth of the gem fell in the early days, the phenomenon of capital profit or transfer is still obvious. In the short term, after a continuous rise, in the short term profit margin is larger and technical needs to repair the A shares or adjust, in addition, a large number of reverse repurchase operations carried out by the central bank before the year will expire, and impact on the market funds face. Overall, the current take fixed investment admission partial shares of the fund is a good choice. 偏股型基金涨0.71% 华商三基金抱团出击(名单)-基金频道   昨日(2016年2月17日),上证指数上涨1.08%,报2867.34;中小板指数上涨1.25%,报6727.22;创业板指数上涨0.61%,报2215.34。板块方面,除酿酒外其它板块均上涨,其中建筑、航空涨幅居前。成交额方面,两市共成交约5696.8亿,较前一日扩大约693.41亿,其中沪市成交约2259 相关公司股票走势 .64亿,深市成交约3437.16亿。   基金市场上,在股指上涨的带动下,偏股型基金净值平均上涨0.71%。进一步分类看,主动股票型基金净值平均上涨0.90%,指数型基金净值平均上涨0.95%,混合型基金净值平均上涨0.61%。     昨日开放式基金普遍上行,下跌基金占比仅为3.95%。从涨幅靠前的基金来看,对股票的配置比例普遍较高,从去年年报来看,涨幅前五的基金中股票占基金总资产的比例均在80%以上,从管理公司来看,华商基金旗下基金表现较好,其涨幅靠前的三只基金中股票配置比例最低的华商未来主题混合的股票资产占基金总资产比例也在89%以上。总的来看,在股指走好时重仓股票的基金表现会较好,不过投资者须注意在股指下跌中,这类基金净值下跌亦会较快。   众禄研究中心认为,昨日股指的上涨更大程度上是因为前几日股指的走好调动了市场的做多信心,加上A股深跌后风险已经得到较为充分的释放,抛压亦减小。不过从前几个交易日领涨的创业板早盘的下跌来看,资金获利了结或调仓的现象仍然明显。   短期来看,在经过连续的上涨后,在短线获利盘较大以及技术面需要修复下A股或有所调整,另外,年前央行进行的大量的逆回购操作也将到期,对市场资金面或有所冲击。总的来看,当前采取定投方式入场偏股型基金是不错选择。相关的主题文章: