Pay attention to students’ Career Planning — the sixty-fifth talk into the Yangtze middle school

Pay attention to students’ Career Planning — the sixty-fifth "talk" into the Suiyuan Yangtze middle school the night of October 25th, sixty-fifth "talk" into the Suiyuan Yangtze middle school affiliated to Nanjing Normal University, the study theme is a focus on career planning of students. Qi Xuehong professor at the Nanjing Normal University College of education science to attend the activities of the guests, Nanjing Yin Xiangjiang the first leader of moral education teacher, teaching the history of Ping sung Chemical Industry Park chief, Yangtze middle school student guidance department director Wei Dashan, from the city’s nearly 70 workers of moral education. Director of the history of the chemical industry park as the host of this event, through the professional Island warm-up game, we are free to be divided into six groups, designed to narrow the psychological distance between students and explore their career interests. In part one, we through a set of data to understand the present situation of the current social hot issues in career planning, career planning, such as the beginning of the best age of career planning, career planning is the main concern of the students who, in the form of group fierce discussion, each group sent a representative to show their wisdom. In the second part, the history of the chief concerns career planning strategies for students, teachers speak freely, with their own education case, illustrated his point of view, in the process of some fierce debate, the venue does not stop the collision sparks of wisdom, is a moral feast. Feng Yaoqiong, director of the Yangtze River secondary school students with their own situation, expressed a unique view of student career planning. The Chen Yun high school teacher for the past three years the experience, a detailed account of the specific strategies within three years of planning and encourage students eye-opening, so that the presence of teachers. Section three Nanjing first moral education discipline leader Yin Xiangjiang teacher on the theme of the activities are summarized. Finally the teacher Professor Qi comment, she said, focus on career planning of students, we should try our best to make students understand the various sectors of society, respect for each occupation, understand the fear of life, love life.相关的主题文章: