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Anhui rural poverty population different levels of treatment   can cure the illness will be focused on the treatment of Anhui channel — people.com.cn original title: Anhui rural poor implementation of grading treatment can cure the illness will be focused on the treatment of the poor will be issued "registration certificate" the poor medical treatment facilities, and enjoy preferential policies for disposable cure; the illness each year for centralized treatment to the county as a unit; for advanced cancer need long-term care rehabilitation management. The day before, "grading treatment of rural poverty in Anhui province (Trial)" issued by the way. Poor people enjoy preferential treatment according to the "measures", a poor population in the village, township, county, are responsible for the management of contact referral on which, for the convenience of the visit and enjoy preferential policies, the poor will be issued "medical service registration certificate of poverty". The medical treatment of the poor in our province is carried out by the medical institutions at the county level. Encourage the first diagnosis in the village clinics and township hospitals, beyond the ability of their referral to the county hospital, really need to be transferred to the county outside the diagnosis and treatment, in principle, three hospitals in the province. Poor counties outside the referral, the implementation of record management. The implementation of two-way referral, beyond the village clinics or township clinics and the ability to diagnose and treat patients with poor people, the township hospital appointment to the county hospital. The referral must be carried out by the referral information system connected with the basic medical insurance management information system, and then the information of the referral information in the basic medical insurance management information system can be realized. The critical first call to the basic medical insurance management agency told the case and in 5 working days for referral procedures. The diagnosis is clear, the condition is stable and the patient after the rehabilitation period, from three hospitals in a timely manner back to the county hospital or township health centers, village clinics. Not filing referral procedures to outside the county, under the conditions do not obey or comply with the referral arrangements, will not enjoy the poor comprehensive health insurance policy of government transparency. Can cure the illness, will focus on the treatment of many patients, the disease can be cured, but have no money. The "measures" provisions for this disease, heavy burden, curative effect, disposable ability to cure disease, such as senile cataract, congenital disease (biliary atresia, heart disease, hypospadias, cleft lip and palate), gallbladder and bile duct stones, children with congenital heart disease, primary esophageal cancer and gastric cancer, early stage colorectal cancer surgery patients, since 2016, every year in the county (city, district) to medical institutions designated as the unit of unified organization, concentrate time and focus on the implementation of the patients, experts. For patients with a particular major disease, there will be a planned organization to carry out special treatment. In addition, the need to maintain the treatment of disease treatment. The cancer ward diseases require long-term care hospitals at the county level, the implementation of rehabilitation management. For patients with advanced schistosomiasis, ankylosing spondylitis, paraplegia, Parkinson’s disease, severe neuromuscular disease and advanced cancer, the basic medical and health institutions in higher medical institutions under the guidance of the implementation of treatment and rehabilitation management. Some patients with advanced cancer and should not accept any more相关的主题文章: