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Pu Jinhui’s cronies "politics door continuous fermentation: procuratorial independence will start – Beijing, Beijing, November 15 Korean media Xinhua comprehensive news, South Korean President Park Geun hye’s" politics door continuous fermentation, park facing greater pressure. The three major South Korean opposition party chief deputy whip said on the 14, and started on the case of independent counsel and Congress government investigation agreement. While the original proposal largest opposition party leader held talks with Park Geun hye, under pressure to cancel the party meeting. Yonhap said the independent prosecutor will be recommended by the two major opposition party consultation, and appointed by the president. The independent counsel will lead the 4 assistant prosecutor, 20 transferred to prosecutors, 40 special prosecutor to investigate the 120 days of close the door. Local time on November 4, 2016, South Korean President Park Geun hye published televised speech on buddy Cui Shunshi "behind the intervention" incident once again express the position. She said that if the national requirements, in order to find out the truth, will be honest with the prosecution investigation. Photograph: China national investigation group from 9 visual government and each state affairs investigation special committee composed investigation lasted 90 days. The opposition also plans to the corresponding bill through the Congress will be held on 17 meeting. The drafting of "common law" the independent Democrats et circles said that all doubts range act survey covering cronies door. Presidential aides to Cui Shunshi leaked confidential documents, presidential secret convicted chaebol to Ann Jong, Cui Shunshi Foundation donated funds, misappropriation of government intervention measures and personnel and various external charges all among the cost of cable to the enterprise through the labor market legislation or pardon. In November 12th, South Korea local time in Seoul, South Korea, more than 1500 people in 12 groups will be held in Seoul at 4 p.m. on the third candlelight vigil, park Geun hye responsible for "requirement to step down cronies politics". According to KBS reports, South Korea’s Democratic Party on behalf of the United States and the United States in the fall of the party’s strong opposition, the cancellation was scheduled for 15 pm in Chong Wa Dae and park Geun hye president held a meeting of the plan. The most common members of the Democratic Party said in the afternoon of 14 congress convened the party members of Congress, and the President Park Geun hye held talks with President draw further apart down the public opinion, the united front will break the opposition camp, advocated the abolition of the planned talks. In the majority of members of the strong opposition, Akimi Ai finally canceled the plan to hold talks with President Park Geun hye. After 14 in the morning, Akimi Ai held talks with President Park Geun Hye proposal. After accepting the proposal of autumn love talks in Chong Wa Dae, the two sides after consultations, decided to hold talks at 15 on the afternoon of 3.相关的主题文章: