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Real estate companies involving banks cannot supply unlimited silver flashes Sina fund real estate company exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The day before the announcement of the CAC group to participate initiated the establishment of the first private bank in Fujian raised the issue of concern. In fact, the layout of the real estate business finance is not uncommon, as of now, there have been dozens of developers, including Vanke, Hengda, Yuexiu, including silver". Why are so keen on real estate finance? "The real estate enterprises could take to indirect financing into direct financing, Fulbright Securities Limited Chinese district director Zhuang Shaofeng south are reporters. But this does not simply mean that the establishment of a private bank, will be able to supply blood for the real estate company. CBRC relevant responsible person said publicly that private banks are also subject to loan concentration management, such as the size of a single enterprise credit can not exceed 10% of capital. Situation: many housing prices have been involved in "silver" (organizing private banks) early communication has been completed and is ready to officially declare the material, it is unclear whether approved during the year, yesterday, CAC group dongmi Hong Zaichun south are reporters. Thaihot told reporters, "the companies involved in the establishment of Fujian Huatong banks in line with the company to the real estate as the core concept, the company will further enrich the financial sector, to promote the integration of the development of financial capital and industrial capital, for the company to bring new profit growth point." In fact, since last year, the CAC group and the controlling shareholder to spend 2 billion 500 million set up the financial holding company of Pingtan, was one of the founders of life insurance, the acquisition of a wholly-owned Fujian card company, the controlling shareholder of Taihe investment to 10 billion 600 million Hong Kong dollars acquisition of Hongkong new life insurance. In the industry view, thaihot layout big finance intentions clear. It is worth noting that, to enter the financial sector more than a cac. To take a stake in the bank, for example, Vanke shares merchants have been previously, Evergrande shares of Huaxia bank. Last month, China Fosun Group intends to stake in Portugal’s largest listed bank of Portugal commercial bank. At present, China’s real estate market has entered the silver age, most of the three or four lines and the following cities in the market has been saturated. Many early march into the city’s real estate companies began to shrink, senior real estate analyst Liu Zhongling believes that the excess capital of the real estate company is becoming increasingly prominent, to invest in other industries for granted. As of the same industry, Kaisa capital general manager Chen Yin pointed out that "the real estate industry is capital intensive, especially a large number of recent business layout of a second tier city and lead to high land prices, you need to control the intensity of some strong financial institutions to provide low cost and convenient and flexible financial support." Chen Yinyi believes that the overall decline in real estate profits, the future market outlook is uncertain, real estate companies need to seek new profit growth point, the financial industry is undoubtedly a good choice. Financial industry is currently relatively low valuation, especially in the banking sector. Business stability, wider moat, and has strict licensing control, so to highlight the value of real estate companies more attractive, Liu Zhongling theory相关的主题文章: