Ruian Jianye interim loss widened to HK $711 million the remaining seven mainland property pr poper

Ruian Jianye interim loss widened to HK $711 million   the remaining seven mainland project – real estate — original title: Ruian Jianye interim loss widened to HK $711 million remaining seven mainland projects in August 26th, Ruian Jianye Co. Ltd. announced, for the six months ended June 30, 2016, attributable to shareholders group loss of HK $711 million, turnover of HK $2 billion 463 million over the same period last year, with a loss of HK $629 million and HK $2 billion 786 million turnover. The board of directors shall not declare an interim dividend (2015: Nil). Among them, the real estate business income by $185 million during the middle of last year increased to HK $502 million, mainly from the January 2016 to the price of HK $463 million sale of Zunyi project, 2015 turnover came mainly from the sale of Guangzhou Ruian Yi Chong inventory. On January 2016 sale of the remaining 20% interest in Shenyang two phase of the project cost about $364 million, plus the sale of investment in Shanghai layered Lakeville Regency building eighteen, apartment unit revenue for the period was $268 million, according to the applicable accounting standards are not included in the turnover. The first half of the year, Ruian Jianye should be HK $268 million by the middle of last year during the period from common property development projects accounted for sales revenue rose to HK $876 million. During this period, mainly from the group’s 81% equity interest in Chengdu City, Ruian, the project has begun to deliver the pre-sale of residential units to buyers. Most of the revenue during the middle of last year came to Shanghai, the 80% quarter of the Pudong group, which was owned by the free group, which was sold in conjunction with the Four Seasons Hotels in July 2015. In addition, the group has a 22% interest in Dalian heaven and earth is also recognized in the current period of more substantial income. During the reporting period, the net loss on real estate sales and rental expenses amounted to HK $60 million, compared to HK $7 million. Ruian Jianye, property sales in the interim period recorded higher losses, mainly due to the transaction costs related to the sale of the Zunyi project, and the group in Guangzhou Ruian Yi Chong available for sale inventory also has sold most of last year to the end of December. Group for the joint development projects undertaken during the loss increased sharply, largely because of Chengdu and Dalian City real estate market downturn, the unit price of apartments and offices under heavy downward pressure, so the group has a 81% interest in the Chengdu Ruian City exchange and owns 22% interest in Dalian and its property assets mention the consumption of the provision for impairment of corrosion, and the group has a 45% interest in the project of Tianjin Venice are recorded in the investment property revaluation losses, a total of HK $310 million (2015: HK $42 million). During the reporting period, Ruian Jianye continued to promote the mainland real estate assets plan and has made new progress, complete the whole sale of two real estate projects at the beginning of this year. In January, the group sold approximately 20% of the remaining $364 million of the Shenyang project for the remaining $two of the Zunyi project, with a total price of HK $463 million to complete the sale of the plots in Guizhou. Chengdu Rui)相关的主题文章: