SAIC Audi set up, will be made in the tens of thousands of Audi suv30 more than 10 sports cars – Soh

SAIC Audi will set up 10 tens of thousands of domestic Audi SUV30 million car – car Sohu in November 11th, while singles still looking for partner and worry, Audi quietly "two marry" Volkswagen, Volkswagen OEM production by Audi models. Although the regulations, Volkswagen and Audi does not form a new joint venture, the cooperative or let the FAW Volkswagen Audi and its dealers in an uproar, some impact on the development of the day after. At present, relevant details of cooperation has not yet disclosed, but Volkswagen will produce Audi models is already an established fact. It is understood that the first SAIC Volkswagen Audi models will be officially released on 2017, April. So the question is, what is the first car will be made? Brick uncle today to a big guess"! Brick uncle comments: Volkswagen’s small SUV has not yet released, far behind the United States, Japan and South Korea action. Fortunately, the small SUV Q2 based on the birth of the public MQB platform was officially released in March this year, for the public to retrieve a trace of the situation. Since the second half of next year the birth of a new generation of Polo will also use the MQB platform, so brick uncle believes that SAIC Volkswagen Audi Q2 production and then put into operation a new generation of Polo great opportunity. Reference Audi Q2 camp in the overseas models, brick uncle is expected to be the main force of domestic Audi Q2 will be the same as the Audi EA211 1.4T engine, matching the 7 gear dual clutch gearbox. Overseas Audi Q2 also provides the 1.0T three cylinder engine, but also the possibility of introduction as an entry-level power, but may also be directly used in the existing domestic 1.2T four cylinder engine. Refer to the current Q3 230 thousand yuan price, if the domestic Q2 to about 150 thousand from the sale, will have good competitiveness. Brick comment: Based on the new Volkswagen MLB Evo platform to build a new generation of Audi A5 in September at the Paris motor show officially unveiled. Earlier SAIC Volkswagen released based on the MLB platform to build a large car Hui ang, can be regarded as SAIC Volkswagen Audi OEM MLB or MLB platform Evo new signs. However, even though Audi brick A5 will be made in China, it will only produce the majority of consumers choose Sportback models. Brick uncle speculated that Audi A5 will provide the same powertrain as the new Audi A4L, that is, 2.0T engine matching 7 gear dual clutch gearbox. 2.0T will provide high and low power two power options, maximum horsepower to 252 horsepower respectively, 190 horsepower, a maximum torque of 370 nm, 320 nm. Price, brick uncle that the price of domestic A5 than A4L expensive but lower than A6L, the price is estimated at around 340 thousand. Brick uncle comments: mentioned above brick uncle, SAIC Volkswagen has launched MLB platform based on the public rally, then Audi A7 seems to be the introduction of domestic rational choice. Audi A7 and Audi A6 cash are inextricably linked, but the same platform positioning is more advanced, extremely streamlined hatchback design also makes A7 look more texture. If the introduction of domestic Audi A7 will become a place.相关的主题文章: