Shanghai informed 5 from the main responsibility for the implementation of accountability is a typic fifa14下载

Shanghai bulletin 5 from the main responsibility for the implementation of the accountability system was a typical case – Beijing the day before, the typical case, Shanghai City Commission informed the 5 strictly implement the full responsibility of poor accountability are: 1, the director of the municipal supply and marketing cooperatives Council deputy party secretary Zhao Gang to be accountable for multiple units illegal organization of public funds, violation of financial discipline and other issues. During the period from July 2013 to February 2014, the city of supply and marketing cooperatives many illegal organization of public funds, gifts of public funds, public funds to travel, spend public funds totaling more than 14 yuan; the agency also violations beyond the scope of the use of special funds more than 3 million yuan for the official reception, office expenses, payment of allowances and subsidies. Zhao Gang as the leading agency, lax, on the illegal use of special funds and other acts of tube failure audit oversight, leadership responsibility, subject to party a serious warning. 2, the new Changning (Group) Co., Ltd., general manager, deputy party secretary Xie Ke due to subordinate public funds, violation of organizational discipline issues being held accountable. In January 6, 2016, the new Changning (Group) Limited company deputy general manager Ma Bin, the human resources department head of security personnel of public funds and illegal Pottery Civilization, one of the members drunk driving moped accident occurred after death, the company did not promptly report to the relevant departments and district Party committee group report, in violation of organizational discipline. Ma Bin by the party a serious warning, Tao Wenming by the party warning. Xie Ke has a leadership responsibility for the above disciplinary issues, by the party a serious warning. 3, director of the Lu Xun Memorial Hall for the organization of illegal public funds to eat and drink, the purchase of consumer cards issued and other issues being held accountable. During the period from November 2014 to August 2015, the memorial hall of Lu Xun charged violations in special funds of funds more than 4.8 yuan, for illegal public funds, to buy consumer payment card etc.. Zheng Ya leadership responsibility for this, by the party warning. 4, Hulin Baoshan District high school Party branch secretary Huang Huiqin because the unit is subject to financial discipline violations. During the period from January 2010 to December 2014, Hulin middle school teachers’ performance pay violations will be borrowed under various names given to other school staff, a total of more than 110 yuan. Sun Xiaozhong, the former principal of the school has a leadership responsibility, subject to a serious warning within the party. Huang Huiqin to implement the main responsibility, by the party warning. 5, Pudong New Area High Town Party Secretary Zhang Lixin, former party secretary of the party because of serious disciplinary problems were asked by the responsibility of Nie Guanghe. During July 2012 to May 2015, Cai Xuehui, deputy director of the high line of the town of Hao Weishi, without the approval of the organization to go abroad (territory), did not fulfill the formalities of absence from work and did not truthfully report personal matters. Hao Weishi was left to observe the party, administrative demotion; Cai Xuehui was withdrawn within the party, administrative demotion. Zhang Lixin Nie Guanghe, the main responsibility for the implementation of the poor, by admonishing conversation handle. The city party organizations and Party members and leading cadres should learn profound lessons from the above case, the managing party political responsibility on his shoulders. Party organizations at all levels should firmly establish political awareness, overall awareness, consciousness, consciousness as the core, the courage to seriously tackle tough problems to fulfill the overall strict rule)相关的主题文章: