Shanxi held a comprehensive political ecology to promote the construction of a good speech Luo Huini crycry

Shanxi held a comprehensive building a good political environment will promote the Luo Huining speech Shanxi daily news (reporter Shang Huihui) in September 18th, the provincial Party committee held in Taiyuan building a good political environment will promote the further analysis of the management and administration of the party situation, policies, objectives and priorities clear and comprehensive construction of good political ecology. Provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining made an important speech, he stressed that the party committees (party) to better play managing party great responsibility, of one heart and one mind work together, cohesive people, outside tree image, firmly and comprehensively build a good political environment, create a general business environment, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the Party members and cadres, more confident, more passionate and more power to comprehensively push forward the construction of the party and the Party leadership career. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, acting governor Lou Yangsheng presided over the meeting. Luo Huining affirmed in his speech in the past two years our province strictly comprehensive achievements, he pointed out that in September 2014, the CPC Central Committee has been reconstituted type major adjustment of the Shanxi provincial leadership. After the adjustment of the party to unite and lead the people of the province, in-depth study and implement the important speech of general secretary series of important instructions, earnestly implement the central authorities strictly comprehensive decision-making and deployment of Shanxi work requirements, establish and implement the "five words" general idea, has made an important contribution to the restoration of political ecology. Provincial Party organizations at all levels to actively fulfill their responsibility to manage the party rule, strict requirements are run through the work; strengthen the corruption is the wind, to effectively curb the "four winds", to reverse the passive situation of the spread of corruption prone; remedy selection and employment oriented, delicate gas is making use of the environment formed; construction the grass-roots party organization was strengthened, many Party cadres take the lead in all aspects together, positive changes have taken place in party and government social atmosphere, made significant initial results from the strict control of the party. Through the restoration of political ecology, poetical justice, promote the stability of Fuzheng Quxie, the work made new progress in reform and development. Luo Huining in his speech, a profound analysis of the current in our province overall situation facing strictly. He pointed out that in the face of great ongoing struggles with many new historical features, facing the new situation of the new test rule Shanxi administration appears, we should have a sense of urgency to solve the problem, efforts to build good comprehensive political ecology, open up a new realm of the undertakings in Shanxi. Luo Huining put forward the policy and goal of building a good political ecology. He pointed out that to insist on focusing on construction, vertical break simultaneously, adhere to the combination of ideological construction and system of the party, a good foundation in the first two years lay on the further establishment of "consolidate, deepen and improve" approach, then after a period of time, to achieve new and greater development in the following five aspects: the ideal the majority of Party members and cadres faith more firmly, firmly establish the party standard, loyalty clean play as consciousness and actions; overall system strictly to complete related policies, and gradually improve the laws and regulations, make the system truly become hard constraints, Party officials, the management right; managing party responsibility at every level, further realized by "loose soft" to "tight hard", by the rot, not rot, do not want to rot; the cadres from systemic collapse mode corruption caused by the shadow of penetration.相关的主题文章: